Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Day In Edit Genres

Hola people of Madison and beyond.   The presidency remains Blue and the people's spirits are high.  Speaking of high, did you hear about Colorado and Washington State decriminalizing weed? What about medical in Mass?  Not such a bad thing, people should be allowed to make Clearly Good choices.  I am concerned that things in the California marijuana movement aren't as bright as they once were.   Small amounts of medicine are only a misdemeanor in Dane County.  Do you think Wisco is ready to give the ol' heave hoe to the prohibition of grass? Only time (and your effort) will tell.

While you are smoking on your marginally criminal leaf, why not peruse the latest track from Madison super producers, Mad Major Melvin.   Their tracks have been played by Dillon Francis, Sazon Booya, Nadastrom and I'm sure tons of trap DJ's that I'm simply not aware of.   They are the definition of a hot ticket and also had some well reviewed and attended performances late this summer and throughout the fall here in Mad City.   Their latest track is mad fire! #YouAlreadyKnow

Have you heard of Knuckle Children?  They are a MKE based super collective of producer/DJ's who have signed with Circle Talent Agency and have close ties to amazing artists like Evol Intent and Bro Safari.  They also have an amazing dubstep track floating about.   Paul Van Dyk "We Are Alive" never sounded so awesome.

Teknicolor is one of the most well liked acts in Wisconsin so we were happy that he recently released this track he defines as moombahstomp, but whatever you call it, it's his own take on moombahton.  It's called "Klepto" and it's defining sample "I just want it" is DJ's usual response when Christian Rokk, DieGnostic or other local moombahtonista's drop this track.