Monday, November 12, 2012

Something For Everyone

The picture above is from Magnifire 3.0 "Communion" which was an amazing party just outside Madison, WI.   Big ups to Wyatt Agard for having the Deadly Vipers out to play.  Good times.

Sarah Young is a popular DJ/producer from the UK who has capitalized on a savvy use of the media and relationships with influential brands like Adidas and Red Bull and parlayed into a successful music career at an early age. Having worked earlier in the year with UK Garage and Drum and Bass hero, Dynamite MC, I wasn't entirely surprised her latest release on MTV Hive included a garage track. I was surprised by how good it is.
Kimbra has been causing a sensation as a vocalist working with Gotye, A-Trak and others.   This track features her vocals very well and then gets taken to the next level by Opiuo, who recently performed with Vibesquad here in Wisconsin.   Bass heads are gonna wanna peep this....

The homey Dice Beats makes some really trill trap beats and this track is no exception.  MJ sounds really good in trap tracks. #trapfacts

The very first track we ever released on Deadly Viper Recordings was from Mexican and proudly and openly gay producer Boy Toy.  That track was under his alias "BLU" but it seems he largely works under one name now.  He also makes a variety of genres including this storming house remix.

New Acid track from local hero, Wyatt Agard.