Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christian Rokk Is Workin' It

So I'm the half of Clearly Good Music that works in edit genres and with internet phenomenon whilst my partner, Wyatt Agard, sticks to making you shake via the ever so sexy rhythm of house music.   So, I'm going to let you know a little bit about the projects I've been working on at Deadly Viper Recordings and Rot10 Musik.  Before I start that off, I would like to say that Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk will be performing together for a full show in the first time in a long time.  December 28th, Cardinal Bar, Clearly Good Music founders reunited for a special night.

So Deadly Viper Recordings is the baby of Christian Rokk and DieGnostic (Chris and Eric) and we've recently brought Justin Pissoff and Shotty 305 on board the mgmt team.   We typically fool around with moombahton and trap but we've had some electro tracks come our way.   Here are a few examples of us at other BPM's. Free Download on This One! Today only!!
Eric, Shotty and I also perform as the Deadly Vipers and sometimes we run the trap.

Lastly, I am an intern at Rot10 Musik ( and we released a huge track today called #YouAlreadyKnow by Kid Cedek (@kidCEDEK), DFACE, and Achi and B-Stee with remix support from Sazon Booya (@SazonBooya), Etc!Etc! and Inflect.  This shizz is massive.