Monday, November 5, 2012

One More Time

Oh you know.....just another effort to give life to this thing.   I truly enjoy blogging so I am going to redouble my efforts to do a blog about local music, event news, all things "dancey" and even local food and culture type things.   So let's begin than shall we...

Have you seen the new lighting rig at Club Voodoo? It's a club atmosphere for sure and the upcoming lineups are spectacular.   Check out the photo above to see Wyatt Agard rocking out before surprise guest Christian Rokk made an appearance (haha, that's me).  Big ups to the other DJ's on the lineup for keeping the vibes nice, a particular kudos to Jogre the Ogre for a solid first effort on the ones and twos.  If I had to recommend one other night this month to attend the Voodoo would be November 24th when Radish and Wyatt Agard lay wreck to the nightclub right around the corner from your other favorite spots.

Another good thing to check out each month that Clearly Good Music sponsors is the Micro event at Inferno Nightclub.   This month features Dreek Sol, Chris Rusu, Jared Perez and Wyatt Agard.  Check out the event link here and peep some really good music from these artists after the break.

In other news. I have been working on releasing mixes that have more than just moombahton again.  Check out Christian Rokk at a slightly higher BPM for most of this latest mix.