Saturday, November 17, 2012


Heavy Artillery is a major label and Madison's own Von is one of their incredible recording artists.  His latest release for them, the Spinkick EP got an amazing response and charted immediately and near the top of the Beatport charts.   We would be remiss in our duty at Clearly Good Music to cover local happenings without giving some digital ink to this massive EP.  Oh, and there is a free download if you spent all your money on "lunch".

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christian Rokk Is Workin' It

So I'm the half of Clearly Good Music that works in edit genres and with internet phenomenon whilst my partner, Wyatt Agard, sticks to making you shake via the ever so sexy rhythm of house music.   So, I'm going to let you know a little bit about the projects I've been working on at Deadly Viper Recordings and Rot10 Musik.  Before I start that off, I would like to say that Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk will be performing together for a full show in the first time in a long time.  December 28th, Cardinal Bar, Clearly Good Music founders reunited for a special night.

So Deadly Viper Recordings is the baby of Christian Rokk and DieGnostic (Chris and Eric) and we've recently brought Justin Pissoff and Shotty 305 on board the mgmt team.   We typically fool around with moombahton and trap but we've had some electro tracks come our way.   Here are a few examples of us at other BPM's. Free Download on This One! Today only!!
Eric, Shotty and I also perform as the Deadly Vipers and sometimes we run the trap.

Lastly, I am an intern at Rot10 Musik ( and we released a huge track today called #YouAlreadyKnow by Kid Cedek (@kidCEDEK), DFACE, and Achi and B-Stee with remix support from Sazon Booya (@SazonBooya), Etc!Etc! and Inflect.  This shizz is massive.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Something For Everyone

The picture above is from Magnifire 3.0 "Communion" which was an amazing party just outside Madison, WI.   Big ups to Wyatt Agard for having the Deadly Vipers out to play.  Good times.

Sarah Young is a popular DJ/producer from the UK who has capitalized on a savvy use of the media and relationships with influential brands like Adidas and Red Bull and parlayed into a successful music career at an early age. Having worked earlier in the year with UK Garage and Drum and Bass hero, Dynamite MC, I wasn't entirely surprised her latest release on MTV Hive included a garage track. I was surprised by how good it is.
Kimbra has been causing a sensation as a vocalist working with Gotye, A-Trak and others.   This track features her vocals very well and then gets taken to the next level by Opiuo, who recently performed with Vibesquad here in Wisconsin.   Bass heads are gonna wanna peep this....

The homey Dice Beats makes some really trill trap beats and this track is no exception.  MJ sounds really good in trap tracks. #trapfacts

The very first track we ever released on Deadly Viper Recordings was from Mexican and proudly and openly gay producer Boy Toy.  That track was under his alias "BLU" but it seems he largely works under one name now.  He also makes a variety of genres including this storming house remix.

New Acid track from local hero, Wyatt Agard.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Booty Bounce

DJ Funk gonna hurt somebody! I first saw DJ Funk spin in 1994 and he's been making an impact on the underground dance scene every single minute since that time.   No one is immune to the power of his ghetto house formula and it pops up in new and creative ways all the time.   Mad Decent's blend of bass, breaks and tempo shifts seem a good fit for the DJ Funk sound and now thanks to GTA, Mad Decent/Jeffries has a monster of a release.   The A Side "Booty Bounce" features DJ Funk and it gets the crowd moving just like the B Side "Shake Dem".   Totally Free. Video Evidence Included After The Break. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get ready to bounce.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Day In Edit Genres

Hola people of Madison and beyond.   The presidency remains Blue and the people's spirits are high.  Speaking of high, did you hear about Colorado and Washington State decriminalizing weed? What about medical in Mass?  Not such a bad thing, people should be allowed to make Clearly Good choices.  I am concerned that things in the California marijuana movement aren't as bright as they once were.   Small amounts of medicine are only a misdemeanor in Dane County.  Do you think Wisco is ready to give the ol' heave hoe to the prohibition of grass? Only time (and your effort) will tell.

While you are smoking on your marginally criminal leaf, why not peruse the latest track from Madison super producers, Mad Major Melvin.   Their tracks have been played by Dillon Francis, Sazon Booya, Nadastrom and I'm sure tons of trap DJ's that I'm simply not aware of.   They are the definition of a hot ticket and also had some well reviewed and attended performances late this summer and throughout the fall here in Mad City.   Their latest track is mad fire! #YouAlreadyKnow

Have you heard of Knuckle Children?  They are a MKE based super collective of producer/DJ's who have signed with Circle Talent Agency and have close ties to amazing artists like Evol Intent and Bro Safari.  They also have an amazing dubstep track floating about.   Paul Van Dyk "We Are Alive" never sounded so awesome.

Teknicolor is one of the most well liked acts in Wisconsin so we were happy that he recently released this track he defines as moombahstomp, but whatever you call it, it's his own take on moombahton.  It's called "Klepto" and it's defining sample "I just want it" is DJ's usual response when Christian Rokk, DieGnostic or other local moombahtonista's drop this track.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day in Da House

I don't care all that much for politics these days.  It's sort of a neccesary evil at best, at worst, it's a distraction from finding amazing house music.  So let's keep focused shall we?
Both of these tracks have me wanting to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?  What do you think?
 One of my favorite DJ's right now and certainly one of only a handful that I'm actually checking for, Maya Jane Coles is at the top of the house world.  Give her a listen and find out why!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

One More Time

Oh you know.....just another effort to give life to this thing.   I truly enjoy blogging so I am going to redouble my efforts to do a blog about local music, event news, all things "dancey" and even local food and culture type things.   So let's begin than shall we...

Have you seen the new lighting rig at Club Voodoo? It's a club atmosphere for sure and the upcoming lineups are spectacular.   Check out the photo above to see Wyatt Agard rocking out before surprise guest Christian Rokk made an appearance (haha, that's me).  Big ups to the other DJ's on the lineup for keeping the vibes nice, a particular kudos to Jogre the Ogre for a solid first effort on the ones and twos.  If I had to recommend one other night this month to attend the Voodoo would be November 24th when Radish and Wyatt Agard lay wreck to the nightclub right around the corner from your other favorite spots.

Another good thing to check out each month that Clearly Good Music sponsors is the Micro event at Inferno Nightclub.   This month features Dreek Sol, Chris Rusu, Jared Perez and Wyatt Agard.  Check out the event link here and peep some really good music from these artists after the break.

In other news. I have been working on releasing mixes that have more than just moombahton again.  Check out Christian Rokk at a slightly higher BPM for most of this latest mix.