Friday, July 27, 2012

Real, Good Music

So what would I call "real" music? It's a trick question because I really don't draw distinctions like that because it's all a matter of taste.  Having said that, gorgeous lyrics, stunning strings and keys and a voice that can kill or resurrect all go a long way to proving a song's "worth".   This summer, Foxes and "Let Go For Tonight" is the one that is moving me miles emotionally.  First I will post the original and a sick trap rework from my friends in Arizona, Decade and Nightmare!

How about some local flavor?  Who's making some trunk shakers and heart breakers in Madison this summer? Well let's give a "look see" shall we?

The main man behind Clearly Good Music, DJ Wyatt Agard has been working his ass off to bring you killer events.  Electrolust, Jump Around, City Lights, Tipsy Tuesdays and tons of parties past and present belong to Madison's reigning king of four on the floor.  Check out this mix he did at the first City Lights if you haven't already and remember why you see this guy every week :) Hehehe

How about the other kids from Clearly Good Music? You know, the ones with the stupid shirts.  Oh yeah.  The Deadly Vipers. :)  They have been busy playing out and scheduling some killer late summer releases.   Be sure to catch Slowed Motion at Inferno Nightclub every last Friday of the month.  Tonight we have Von as our special guest and next month features Nader from Chicago, IL and T&A Records.  Boom!  Tune in every Saturday from 5-8pm to hear the Deadly Vipers spin live on Moomba+ Radio.