Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Only Song I Need This Summer

Well welcome to some decent weather you crazy denizens of Madtown.  Are you all staying cool as a hula hoop?   Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk and a lot of our DJ friends are looking forward to partying with you all summer long! Have you been to Tipsy lately?  I know last week was hot as hell and Mike Carlson, Nice Nice and Wyatt surely made it even hotter.  But tonight, there are no excuses!! Get to Jolly Bob's and have a tropical drink with Wyatt Agard and friends!


One of the hottest EDM producers over the last six months has been Florida's, Big Makk.  He's made the largest splash in the moombahton scene but best believe that Big Makk is 'bout that life.  He smokes weed on his weed.  He also is known to make sexy trap edits of already incredible tunes.  As the title promises, this is the only song I need this summer.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, you really can't go wrong with Poptronic featuring Wyatt Agard and DJ Urbane. This will also be a sexy event.


Hope everyone enjoyed this post.  My name is Christian Rokk and I listen to a lot of music.  Very little of it is as fun as this gem from local heroes Soundkill3r and The Al Gore Rhythm Method called "Rock3t".  Get ready to blast off into an incredibly fun week.  Keep the music CLEARLY GOOD.