Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Is Al Gore?

Who is Al Gore? Who is The Al Gore Rhythm Method is what you meant to ask? Al Gore was just some dude who acheived a higher status than almost anyone in the United States and practically invented the internet (his claim, not mine).   But in the much more important world of electronic dance music, The Al Gore Rhythm Method may yet achieve loftier status than our former VP.  Patrick Awesome is the author of Mumbo Jumbo, a fun party at Voodoo and Red's Life has been bringing high energy to every party he plays.  Now that they've formed like Voltron, expect to hear some amazing sounds.   I will post all the
appropriate links so that you can discover their sound but the next chance to see them is at Inferno, May 25th, the Friday!!!!!  So check out the new kids in town, brought to you by the old skool cool that is Clearly Good Music.


This Friday!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/300784680003367/

Monday, May 21, 2012

Le Requins De La Rue

Von is a hometown hero who produces his own music across genres and has gotten love (and release dates) from some big name labels including Heavy Artillery and Play Me.  Now, making his home on Gawa records, the man with all the big basslines has an album ready to be released on May 31st and you can all show it some love right now and start listening.   With a host of remixes and a variety of sounds, there is something for everyone to love on this release.  Clearly Good Music blog will endeavour to bring you a post each day on new music from local artists and I will also resume my Past, Present and Future series shortly.  Enjoy these sounds from Von and have a Clearly Good day :)


Full album preview!! ^^