Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Likes Free Dubstep?

 So I have been DJing for sometime (too long according to most) and one of my love affairs on my way to moombaville was definitely dubstep.   And I definitely liked older, sparser dubstep before I learned to like the hyper-aggressive mechanical noises known now as brostep.  I don't subscribe to the "brostep" school in that a good dubstep DJ is usually all over the place and for good reason.  There are lots of innovative tracks on display in that scene and generally in all of the healthy and current EDM scenes.   If you want to hear good dubstep live, you can definitely do that at many events in our city including most Wednesdays at Cardinal Bar and Inferno.  If you want to get some really good current free dubstep for you own collection,  www.clearlygoodmusic.com and your boy, Christian Rokk, can you help you out.   Here is my latest loves, all from HOTLANTA! 

 Street Lurkin- Night Riders (PLAY ME FREEBIE)

Kid Cedek - Psychotic, Cold People (P.C.P.) [Original Mix] *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Check out Kid Cedek on Facebook.  Not only does he make bangers across genres but he's the new president of Rot10 Records.


OOPS I'm throwing in one really fun electro house track....

Sin Diesel and Gummy Worms feat. BEBO - "I Wish I Was Latino" (Original Mix)