Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jump Around was Cray, PBR is Today!

Thank you to all the crazy folks who made it out to the Cardinal Bar for the latest edition of Jump Around just last night.  While a little light on attendance, the night was heavy on energy.    Foundation opened the night and it was very nice to see him on the decks at the Bird again.   A good set from the man behind MadElectro led into a stormer from the Filthy Poptart and the Dirty Noodle.   The pair got down on all genres before 507 took a turn on the decks.   From Deadmau5 to moombahton, 507 had the crowd moving to be sure.   Finally, original member of Clearly Good Music, DieGnostic, closed out the night with some strong, hard moombahcore and just a touch of music we can't even name yet.  Can you dig it?  For the record, Wyatt and I had a blast and look forward to recreating last night's vibe but with just a few more folks :)

And if you want some more from Cleary Good Music, you only have to wait a matter of hours!  Tonight is Poor Boy's Rave at Segredo and the theme tonight is "Siren's Song", an all female DJ showcase.   Urbane, Brianna Klein, Aubreezy, and CGM's Speak EZ (aka Jenna Freeman) will all be on the bill and in the house.  Quick thought about tonight.....Urbane is a lot like Wyatt in that she is old school but has stayed active and relevant while many of their contemporaries did not.  Let's hear it for longevity.  Legendary :P