Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hush Up! Cosmic's playing!!!

I would like to introduce myself to the readers at Clearly Good Music, and thank Wyatt and Christian Rokk for allowing me to provide content on what is a Clearly Good Thing. My name is HUSH, but that’s asecret, so you can’t tell anyone. I am originally from Milwaukee and was co-founder of LocalUnderground Vibe (LUV Productions). I have played alongside the likes of Keoki, Juno Reactor, Doormouse, Nigel Richards, and Tommie Sunshine.

As an 80’s child I listened to everything from the Moody Blues to the Sex Pistols to Pavarotti, Domingo,and Carreras (The Three Tenors – Opera). As the late eighties hit, I moved into techno/industrial groups like Skinny Puppy, Ministry, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and The Crystal Method. This diversity and love for all forms of music made me want to be more than a spectator in this whole thing. I started Djingin 1998 using CD players. At that time if you did not spin vinyl, you were not a real Dj. Now I am very capable in whatever format you hand me, technology only expands the limits of possibilities. My first few gigs were at house parties, with every Dj in the room hovering over watching what I was doing with my CDs. I eventually gained respect from the vinyl Djs by being highly diverse in musical styles. I called myself a genre-less Dj, because I would spin house, breaks, trance, techno, Drum and Bass, and anything else I could dig up. I figured out how to make everything work together.

I gradually molded my HUSH persona into an actual character, known for wearing costumes and custom clown faces. This is not a gimmick, but it represents what I feel about the club scene. We are all just characters trying to fit in somewhere, I choose to leave my personal life behind and the inhibitions it can bring when I am behind the decks. It allows me to get out of my skin for the evening and give the crowd everything I got.

But enough about me, I would like to speak about a Young man I witnessed at Segredo last night, DJ COSMIC. This kid right here is my age, well minus 29 years. I was trying to think back to what I was doing at his age. I was listening to the early beginnings of hip hop, wearing flight pants, doing back
spins, and the worm. Scratching and juggling breaks on turntables was something they were doing in a
city far away. The thought of being on a stage 8 feet in the air, behind the best wall of sound in the city was just not even in my mind. I was trying not to get caught throwing rocks at the house. Ohhh and
there was noooo!! Internet. OMG

I made sure I was there early, because I wanted to see what this hype was all about. As I walkedin, I heard the familiar ooontz ooontz ooontz. As I got closer I realized this kid is playing some nice
underground Electro-house. I came around the corner and there he was, larger than life, behind that wall of speakers dancing away. I think that was the first thing that caught me, he was dancing. Veteran DJs tend to forget, this is dance music, and there is no reason we should not be dancing ourselves. His moves reflected what he was playing and I could tell he was truly feeling the music and not just hitting buttons. Of course, the next test is mixing skills. I went to a show a while back and heard some of the worst attempts at beat matching, and they have supposedly been at this game a while. I am thinking maybe we should have them sit with DJ Cosmic to show ‘em what’s up. Throughout the set his mixes were nearly flawless, and he showed a true understanding of the structure of the music, the phasing of the tracks, and the harmonies. Even when he seemed to struggle with a mix or two, he held is composure and pulled them off with grace and style. Something tells me, as his teacher, we can give Wyatt a lot of credit for this. All in all, it was refreshing to see such a young man have a true love of the craft. We know this will only grow with time and experience. He can still count the amount of gigs he’s played on one hand, but he seemed very comfortable and confident. His music selection was mainly electro-house, but he kept it underground with a flash here and there of something more popular. He held a steady rise throughout the set, and ended it with a bang. The crowd cheered with much deserved approval.

I spoke with DJ Cosmic for a short bit, and found him to be personable and a smart kid. He said he has been playing with Ableton a bit to start producing, but it’s pretty complicated. At is age he has plenty of time work it out. We should all keep an eye on this one. I have no doubt we are going to see some big things from this one. With the unbridled support of his family and a phenomenal teacher he is beyond
this new breed of laptop button pushers. He is a DJ at heart. The only question I had for his Dad was,

Check out his opening set on March 9th at the Majestic Theatre for ELECTROLUST 2