Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Music From Blu! Techno! Christian Rokk Live at Jolly Bob's

So the title says it all.......

Blu is an amazing DJ/producer/promoter from Mexico that has done so much for the electronic dance music scene.  He's a 24 year old openly gay dance music phenomenon who is part of my Deadly Viper Recordings group and just a damn fine human.  Plan B?  But I digress.....I love his moombahton.  My  friends love the music he makes as Boy Toy, an evil and twisted dubstep alter ego.  I mean come on, what can't this guy do?  I am letting Madison know that if you play four on the floor, moombah or dub than this is your guy.  Soundkill3r is another guy like this.  They are coming old skool. You can't keep the kids down.

Fresh Techno from Blu!
Fresh Moombahton from Deadly Viper Recordings and Moomba+ Courtesy of Blu
Fresh Dubstep guessed it :)

His vocals are on this dubstep track and he does my dj intros and drops!  Hit him up on Facebook.

And now.....Tipsy Tuesday went off last night and I want to do some thank yous.  First, thanks to Jolly Bob's for being so consistently available to us on Tuesdays.  It isn't easy to commit your space every week to an event for as long as Jolly Bob's has to Clearly Good Music.  Our sincerest thanks. Secondly, I want to thank Gnarizard and his friend for awesome performances across genres.  I thought the mixing was done at a high level and I know we are a house night but I was disappointed about some grumblings I heard toward drumstep etc...WE are a sound forward community in Madison and we can celebrate the past while looking towards the musical future. Lastly, thanks to Wyatt for giving us all the deck time he did.  So I ripped up the shack with some moombahton and got the video to prove it. Go.