Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deadly Viper Recordings in Madison, WI

Wyatt Agard, Christian Rokk, DieGnostic, speakEZ, Nexah, BeauXpeep, Gnarizard, Justin Pissoff, Teknicolor, Red's Life and so many more......

What do these names all have in common? All of them are involved in the new moombahton label called Deadly Viper Recordings and it's run by CGM'ers, DieGnostic and Christian Rokk.  You wouldn't have seen us on the decks all that often as of late but that's because moombahton is the first genre to belong to the internet and not a city.  But DVR does belong to Madison so if you can support our Soundcloud and generally keep up with us it would be appreciated.  Specifics to follow but I thought you should know. 

You can catch Wyatt Agard this Tuesday at Jolly Bob's, at Segredo on Thursday and on Friday, he's at the Majestic for the massive Electrolust 3 party we mentioned in our previous article.   Christian Rokk performs early tonight at Jolly Bob's and on internet radio this Saturday alongside DieGnostic.   Those two will also be performing at SXSW as well as Juarez and select cities in the Southwest in a little more than a week.  And I thought Vipers hibernated in the winter?????