Monday, February 6, 2012

Viciouz Music and more!!!!!

Hey kids, Christian Rokk here.  I just want to let you guys in on some things going on in the music world that I like and hope to bring a little more exposure to so here goes nothing.  I would like to remind everyone to show Wyatt Agard some online or in person support as he travels to Chicago's Porn N Chicken dance event to show the Chi Massive how we get down here in the Capitol City.  

I would like to formally introduce Viviana Aranda, better known as Viciouz Viv, to the Madison dance community.  You will not find a more sincere and nice person capable of assaulting dancefloors like this girl can.  We are currently making moves to have her in Madison later this year so I thought it would be a good time for you all to get to know her.   San Antonio is where she calls home and the people there are treated regularly to sets from ViciouzViv who although widely known in moombahton circles, is known to play a diverse range of sounds in her hometown.  Nationally, she has gained attention both for her official Moomba+ ( mixtape as well as her Generation Bass mixtape which will be featured below.  Please check out all of her mixes and tracks that we post and get ready to see just how spectacular ViciouzViv can look and sound in a club near you :)

Generation Bass presents New Wave of Moombahton Vol 1 (mixed by ViciouzViv) 

Pinback "How We Breath" ViciouzViv moombahton edit

 Khoa Le has been back in the local scene again after a short hiatus and was very helpful to me in getting some party ideas of the ground that we will be able to announce in a few days.  He also had a great set at Orpheum NYE and Avicii and looks to be seen even more.  Mixing his love of club music and incorporating the new and emerging moombahton scene is a win for him and us.  Check out his latest mix here and let him know and let promoters know you want more Khoa.

Last second addition.  ETC!ETC! is one of the premier acts on my favorite label, Rot10, and they are just killing the game.  Right around Christmas, they dropped the Nas "If I Ruled The World" remix and dancefloors still haven't recovered. And now I'm dropping a link to a remix they did of "Horizon" which hasn't been posted hardly anywhere and is a teaser for A-Mac and Paul David's massive "Horizon" EP release coming out soon. In fact, CGM may be the first blog to have this track up but no matter what it's fresh. Boom! Free DL

Finally I want you to know how much I love Valentino Khan and this brand new release on Diplo's label, Mad Decent.The track is called "Ruckus" and it's large.  Check out this track and more at Valentino's Soundcloud and get with the hottest name in moombahton.