Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Week's Preview (and it's soundtrack)

Madison has been behaving very badly doing the Voodoo that you do on the weekend nights.  But I've also noticed the Madtown Dance Crew giving some mad love to our midweek parties that we throw here at Clearly Good Music.   This week promises to be extra excellent as Tipsy Tuesday comes with the heat, Christian Rokk doing some moombahton alongside two of Madison's hottest and busiest DJ's, Wyatt Agard and Gnarizard.  You can also look forward to appearances from the underappreciated Martian Mellow.  All three of those guys play a wide variety of tunes.  I've seen Gnarizard rock almost every popular genre there is in the last two weeks so that is a must see event.  And give it up to Jolly Bob's for the rokkin' atmosphere.  Every Tuesday, we get Tipsy and you should too!!

I also want to draw particular attention to this week's Poor Boys Rave at Segredo on Thursday night.  Not only will Christian Rokk (me) be playing exclusive heavyweight moombahton business and repping Moomba+ but later in the night, he will be tagging with Wyatt Agard as the boys from Vodka Rox perform together for the first time in over a year. Wyatt has tons of new material of his own and I've culled all of the hottest B'More and Juke influenced electro I could find.  You couldn't find a better party than Vodka Rox several years ago and you still can't so get yourself to PBR at Segredo this Thursday.

I want to leave with with some music and a promise to have more frequent posts.  I welcome submission ideas so hit me up at

In order to understand the club phenomenon that is Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk together, I think it's important to hear this remix of the modern club classic "212". Wyatt made it, I began "rokking" it immediately and it's a perfect example of our synergy.  So here it is, Wyatt's remix of Azealia Banks "212"

And if the crowd comes early enough to PBR on Thursday, you might force me to play heavier than I plan to......this is what that might sound like and is the latest Deadly Vipers mix courtesy of Christian Rokk and dieGnostic (moombahcore is now Viper Kore)

And how about local sensation Von getting down again on Gawa