Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poor Boys Rave Tonight!

What an exciting week for Clearly Good Music! Hopefully you heard that Wyatt Agard played Monday night in Chicago for Porn N Chicken.  Maybe you were able to join us at Jolly Bob's and hear the best blend of moombahton, dubstep and house. Or perhaps you tuned into today to Moomba+ radio to hear Christian Rokk live as he starts a stint as their resident radio DJ. Well, tonight, the party keeps on going at Segredo as we do Poor Boys Rave like only the team at CGM can!

Our newest team member is a twelve year old DJ/producer prodigy named DJ Cosmic and his appearances at Electric Earth are often talked about and he is getting busier and busier.  Well tonight he is at PBR and you should not miss this.  He has impressed everyone from major moombahton label heads to Nick Nice and he will catch your eye and capture your heart tonight.  Christian Rokk will also drop a special ALL MOOMBAHTON set starting at 10:30pm to introduce everyone to Wisconsin Moombahton and help kickstart the emerging genre.

The later part of the night at PBR starts with Five O Seven and then later, Christian Rokk teams up with Wyatt Agard as Vodka Rox for the first time in over a year.  A once dominant duo, Wyatt and Rokk have gone in different directions for sometime but reuniting tonight to play a set that will remind Madison dancers who has the best blend of house, electro, club and bmore. And that my friends are the boys who founded Clearly Good.  Get your rage face on, Gredo things are happening, MDC standup and haters sit the "f" down.

Here is a mix to get you in the partying mood courtesy of Christian Rokk:

And a Wyatt Agard track for download:

And  the link to this event I've been bragging