Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Madison is the greatest city in the world, especially on a day like today.  What a beautiful day to be alive! And as stunningly beautiful as the city is, it's better when it has a soundtrack.  Today, the soundtrack will be soulful moombahton, which surprisingly enough, we call moombahsoul.  There is no better place to hear it than at Jolly Bob's on Tuesday's but today, you just download it and go on your way and enjoy the lovely evening.  Tonight the Bird may in fact be the word.  Be dope.

These are the sounds of Florida's BigMakk!

And a link to Sazon Booya's Moombahsoul compilation

Later tonight, a very special article from my patient homeboy DJ Hush. He's gonna get real regular up in here. Peace and be safe my favorites.