Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Madison is the greatest city in the world, especially on a day like today.  What a beautiful day to be alive! And as stunningly beautiful as the city is, it's better when it has a soundtrack.  Today, the soundtrack will be soulful moombahton, which surprisingly enough, we call moombahsoul.  There is no better place to hear it than at Jolly Bob's on Tuesday's but today, you just download it and go on your way and enjoy the lovely evening.  Tonight the Bird may in fact be the word.  Be dope.

These are the sounds of Florida's BigMakk!

And a link to Sazon Booya's Moombahsoul compilation

Later tonight, a very special article from my patient homeboy DJ Hush. He's gonna get real regular up in here. Peace and be safe my favorites.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jackie Exoh

I really just want to post things sometimes merely because they have caught my attention for a short moment in time.  I'm not typically a fan of progressive house but I've been following Jackie ExOh for a minute and thought you might like to hear her blend of music.  It's very upfront club style house that isn't exactly the norm anymore but it once was and will likely be again.  Jackie has played with some big names over her short career including Nicky Romero, Alex Kenji and Designer Drugs. Boom.

Here is the link to her summer promo mix:

Here is her Facebook so you can both encourage her to make a new mix and come to Madison.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poor Boys Rave Tonight!

What an exciting week for Clearly Good Music! Hopefully you heard that Wyatt Agard played Monday night in Chicago for Porn N Chicken.  Maybe you were able to join us at Jolly Bob's and hear the best blend of moombahton, dubstep and house. Or perhaps you tuned into today to Moomba+ radio to hear Christian Rokk live as he starts a stint as their resident radio DJ. Well, tonight, the party keeps on going at Segredo as we do Poor Boys Rave like only the team at CGM can!

Our newest team member is a twelve year old DJ/producer prodigy named DJ Cosmic and his appearances at Electric Earth are often talked about and he is getting busier and busier.  Well tonight he is at PBR and you should not miss this.  He has impressed everyone from major moombahton label heads to Nick Nice and he will catch your eye and capture your heart tonight.  Christian Rokk will also drop a special ALL MOOMBAHTON set starting at 10:30pm to introduce everyone to Wisconsin Moombahton and help kickstart the emerging genre.

The later part of the night at PBR starts with Five O Seven and then later, Christian Rokk teams up with Wyatt Agard as Vodka Rox for the first time in over a year.  A once dominant duo, Wyatt and Rokk have gone in different directions for sometime but reuniting tonight to play a set that will remind Madison dancers who has the best blend of house, electro, club and bmore. And that my friends are the boys who founded Clearly Good.  Get your rage face on, Gredo things are happening, MDC standup and haters sit the "f" down.

Here is a mix to get you in the partying mood courtesy of Christian Rokk:

And a Wyatt Agard track for download:

And  the link to this event I've been bragging

Monday, February 6, 2012

Viciouz Music and more!!!!!

Hey kids, Christian Rokk here.  I just want to let you guys in on some things going on in the music world that I like and hope to bring a little more exposure to so here goes nothing.  I would like to remind everyone to show Wyatt Agard some online or in person support as he travels to Chicago's Porn N Chicken dance event to show the Chi Massive how we get down here in the Capitol City.  

I would like to formally introduce Viviana Aranda, better known as Viciouz Viv, to the Madison dance community.  You will not find a more sincere and nice person capable of assaulting dancefloors like this girl can.  We are currently making moves to have her in Madison later this year so I thought it would be a good time for you all to get to know her.   San Antonio is where she calls home and the people there are treated regularly to sets from ViciouzViv who although widely known in moombahton circles, is known to play a diverse range of sounds in her hometown.  Nationally, she has gained attention both for her official Moomba+ ( mixtape as well as her Generation Bass mixtape which will be featured below.  Please check out all of her mixes and tracks that we post and get ready to see just how spectacular ViciouzViv can look and sound in a club near you :)

Generation Bass presents New Wave of Moombahton Vol 1 (mixed by ViciouzViv) 

Pinback "How We Breath" ViciouzViv moombahton edit

 Khoa Le has been back in the local scene again after a short hiatus and was very helpful to me in getting some party ideas of the ground that we will be able to announce in a few days.  He also had a great set at Orpheum NYE and Avicii and looks to be seen even more.  Mixing his love of club music and incorporating the new and emerging moombahton scene is a win for him and us.  Check out his latest mix here and let him know and let promoters know you want more Khoa.

Last second addition.  ETC!ETC! is one of the premier acts on my favorite label, Rot10, and they are just killing the game.  Right around Christmas, they dropped the Nas "If I Ruled The World" remix and dancefloors still haven't recovered. And now I'm dropping a link to a remix they did of "Horizon" which hasn't been posted hardly anywhere and is a teaser for A-Mac and Paul David's massive "Horizon" EP release coming out soon. In fact, CGM may be the first blog to have this track up but no matter what it's fresh. Boom! Free DL

Finally I want you to know how much I love Valentino Khan and this brand new release on Diplo's label, Mad Decent.The track is called "Ruckus" and it's large.  Check out this track and more at Valentino's Soundcloud and get with the hottest name in moombahton.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Week's Preview (and it's soundtrack)

Madison has been behaving very badly doing the Voodoo that you do on the weekend nights.  But I've also noticed the Madtown Dance Crew giving some mad love to our midweek parties that we throw here at Clearly Good Music.   This week promises to be extra excellent as Tipsy Tuesday comes with the heat, Christian Rokk doing some moombahton alongside two of Madison's hottest and busiest DJ's, Wyatt Agard and Gnarizard.  You can also look forward to appearances from the underappreciated Martian Mellow.  All three of those guys play a wide variety of tunes.  I've seen Gnarizard rock almost every popular genre there is in the last two weeks so that is a must see event.  And give it up to Jolly Bob's for the rokkin' atmosphere.  Every Tuesday, we get Tipsy and you should too!!

I also want to draw particular attention to this week's Poor Boys Rave at Segredo on Thursday night.  Not only will Christian Rokk (me) be playing exclusive heavyweight moombahton business and repping Moomba+ but later in the night, he will be tagging with Wyatt Agard as the boys from Vodka Rox perform together for the first time in over a year. Wyatt has tons of new material of his own and I've culled all of the hottest B'More and Juke influenced electro I could find.  You couldn't find a better party than Vodka Rox several years ago and you still can't so get yourself to PBR at Segredo this Thursday.

I want to leave with with some music and a promise to have more frequent posts.  I welcome submission ideas so hit me up at

In order to understand the club phenomenon that is Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk together, I think it's important to hear this remix of the modern club classic "212". Wyatt made it, I began "rokking" it immediately and it's a perfect example of our synergy.  So here it is, Wyatt's remix of Azealia Banks "212"

And if the crowd comes early enough to PBR on Thursday, you might force me to play heavier than I plan to......this is what that might sound like and is the latest Deadly Vipers mix courtesy of Christian Rokk and dieGnostic (moombahcore is now Viper Kore)

And how about local sensation Von getting down again on Gawa