Monday, January 23, 2012

We're Back Madtown

This is Christian Rokk, one of the founding members of Clearly Good Music, and a blogger at Moomba+ (   Since our launch party in November 2008, CGM has hosted so many famous names in multiple genres we could take up quite a bit of space here.  But I am not going to do that right now, instead, I want to recommit this blog space and website to not only covering our events, profile our dj's and introduce music made by CGM affiliates but to also become a definitive voice on the Madison club scene and dance music in general.   Currently, our heavy hitter, Wyatt Agard, is in high demand throughout the Midwest and his team of loyal ground troops like myself are willing to make sure your nightlife is interesting.  Keep the music Clearly Good ya'll.

I want to post some music so we can be properly introduced.  One of the UK's brightest moombahton stars is EssBeeDee and his tracks are currently being caned across the globe.  As they are not officially signed yet, it's difficult for me to share just yet, but you have to trust me.  This is next level 'ish we are talking about here.  Check out EssBeeDee's rework of a Macauley song "Seek Bromance".  It's sick and you likely heard it here first.

This is a shortened link to the track on EssBeeDee's Soundcloud.