Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vote For Ben Kimo and Wyatt FTW

Wyatt Agard was really on a roll this week.  Christian Rokk, Gnarizard and Mr. Agard all got down on the decks for an extra fun Tipsy Tuesday. Then, Soundkill3r destroyed the Cardinal just like you read he was going to in this very blog on Wednesday night.  And finally, PBR on Thursday was a magical mix of old and new, as the boys from Appleton rinsed out hypnotic house and breaks until the power of "What's Happening Now" tookover and Teknicolor got his rage face on as he rode all over Segredo with driving basslines and infectious energy.  Quite a weekday run, Wyatt.  Friday, several parties all went down and received modest reviews.  Unfortunately, this blogger took Saturday night off so you will have to look elsewhere for wisdom.

Several months ago, the good folks at Segredo in conjunction with Madison's favorite son, DJ Wyatt Agard, had the wisdom to host LeCastleVania and while I was indeed happy to play with LCV and my pal Amos Smith, it was particularly nice to meet Ben Kimo.  He is a very talented DJ and writer, and I look forward to performing at Segredo again, hopefully in similar company.  Ben Kimo is trying to report on SXSW where I will be playing so please look at his beautiful photos and vote for him to get a Press Pass :)


Finally, I always want to leave you with some music.  This is the mix of the week in my opinion and although it happens to be moombahton today, it won't always be.  I actually listen to music about sixteen hours a day so it's not all going to be moombahton. :) This one comes from Nashville's bassline princess, Chromatiq.
In one word.....Bangarang.