Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soundkill3r Gonna Make You Jump

First off....Wyatt is going to rinse out Jolly Bob's tonight. I can feel it. Moving on......

Madison, let me introduce you to Eduardo Urbaez, or as his 6000+ followers on Facebook call him, Soundkill3r.   Our Midwestern capitol city has this man on loan from the great state of Florida, where the Soundill3r would unleash his own productions and the hottest face melting electro others had to offer on crowds at Mekka Niteclub in Miami.  So we are very lucky to have him here.

In talking to this new Madisonian, I discovered that despite his performance name, he's a heck of a nice guy.  But don't let his charm be mistaken for anything but his social orientation.  His relationship with the dancefloor is a different story altogether.  Wicked, sound-forward basslines are in store for the Madison massive.  Make sure to see him this Wednesday at the Cardinal Bar when he headlines, "Jump Around", a party that we at Clearly Good Music are proud to call our own. The Hermit and several MC Audio heavyweights round out the bill so tomorrow the Bird is the word.

RSVP HERE http://www.facebook.com/events/248628565210283/

Like Soundkill3r on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/SoundKill3r/168017249880061

and a Free Download: http://soundcloud.com/soundkill3r/out-of-reach-ft-robshaver

In other news, this weekend has several cool things going on but Clearly Good DJ and blogger Christian Rokk (me) will be crushing the Inferno on Friday with some severe moombahcore such as Mendez, Nerd Rage and Terra's "I Am Captain" in honor of Marcel Perez's birthday. Check out www.moombaplus.com if you want to find "I Am Captain" Youtube video or as I recommend, score that free download.  Also on Saturday, a new night at Club Voodoo begins called "Superstition", which will be hosted by DJ Kinn who has really brought the new club to life and the newest contributor, Foil, a well known DJ and promoter.   I think the addition of Foil will continue to draw even bigger and more excited crowds.  I hope to be back soon myself.

RSVP to Superstition http://www.facebook.com/events/213999372023430/
Like Club Voodoo on FB http://www.facebook.com/pages/Club-Voodoo/316725581689394?ref=ts
RSVP to Marcel's Musical Masterpiece http://www.facebook.com/events/211821612242321/
"I Am Captain" On Soundcloud http://snd.sc/ygPQLq

Finally, I want to draw some attention to Von, who has done a slamming remix of Theophilus London, and you can vote for it and help support homegrown Madison music.  Because I don't go to as many underground events as I should (although that is changing), I hadn't had heavy exposure to Von but his song "Louder" destroyed Beatport, dancefloors and me, both in it's original and remixed forms, and I've been paying attention ever since.  Check it, ch...check it, ch...check it check it out.

Von's remix of Theophilus London http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/aa6fa32e1d190253b05bc9c54df4b2ce/358