Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shelco, Wyatt and MOAR!!!!

Tonight is another Poor Boys Rave and I made some noise about it on Monday so I won't repeat myself in this space except to say, "Go to Segredo tonight".  I want to put up some tracks from Shelco Garcia who is from Las Vegas and best known in moombahton circles, even though he makes some epic club tracks at the more usual club BPM range of 130 bpm.  If you don't what BPM is, it means he bangs it, hard electro style....good for doing thangs if you know what I mean.  So check is some Shelco Garcia tracks.  Also check out Wyatt Agard's Soundcloud for equally awesome club bangers.

Shelco Garcia "La Volador" Preview Only

and now the free downloads....
Shelco Garcia Vs BLWNSPKRS Ladys Love me Feat. Jessica Chavez

DadaLlife HappyViolence ShelcoGarcia REMIX