Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vote For Ben Kimo and Wyatt FTW

Wyatt Agard was really on a roll this week.  Christian Rokk, Gnarizard and Mr. Agard all got down on the decks for an extra fun Tipsy Tuesday. Then, Soundkill3r destroyed the Cardinal just like you read he was going to in this very blog on Wednesday night.  And finally, PBR on Thursday was a magical mix of old and new, as the boys from Appleton rinsed out hypnotic house and breaks until the power of "What's Happening Now" tookover and Teknicolor got his rage face on as he rode all over Segredo with driving basslines and infectious energy.  Quite a weekday run, Wyatt.  Friday, several parties all went down and received modest reviews.  Unfortunately, this blogger took Saturday night off so you will have to look elsewhere for wisdom.

Several months ago, the good folks at Segredo in conjunction with Madison's favorite son, DJ Wyatt Agard, had the wisdom to host LeCastleVania and while I was indeed happy to play with LCV and my pal Amos Smith, it was particularly nice to meet Ben Kimo.  He is a very talented DJ and writer, and I look forward to performing at Segredo again, hopefully in similar company.  Ben Kimo is trying to report on SXSW where I will be playing so please look at his beautiful photos and vote for him to get a Press Pass :)


Finally, I always want to leave you with some music.  This is the mix of the week in my opinion and although it happens to be moombahton today, it won't always be.  I actually listen to music about sixteen hours a day so it's not all going to be moombahton. :) This one comes from Nashville's bassline princess, Chromatiq.
In one word.....Bangarang.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shelco, Wyatt and MOAR!!!!

Tonight is another Poor Boys Rave and I made some noise about it on Monday so I won't repeat myself in this space except to say, "Go to Segredo tonight".  I want to put up some tracks from Shelco Garcia who is from Las Vegas and best known in moombahton circles, even though he makes some epic club tracks at the more usual club BPM range of 130 bpm.  If you don't what BPM is, it means he bangs it, hard electro style....good for doing thangs if you know what I mean.  So check is some Shelco Garcia tracks.  Also check out Wyatt Agard's Soundcloud for equally awesome club bangers.

Shelco Garcia "La Volador" Preview Only

and now the free downloads....
Shelco Garcia Vs BLWNSPKRS Ladys Love me Feat. Jessica Chavez

DadaLlife HappyViolence ShelcoGarcia REMIX




Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Soundkill3r Gonna Make You Jump

First off....Wyatt is going to rinse out Jolly Bob's tonight. I can feel it. Moving on......

Madison, let me introduce you to Eduardo Urbaez, or as his 6000+ followers on Facebook call him, Soundkill3r.   Our Midwestern capitol city has this man on loan from the great state of Florida, where the Soundill3r would unleash his own productions and the hottest face melting electro others had to offer on crowds at Mekka Niteclub in Miami.  So we are very lucky to have him here.

In talking to this new Madisonian, I discovered that despite his performance name, he's a heck of a nice guy.  But don't let his charm be mistaken for anything but his social orientation.  His relationship with the dancefloor is a different story altogether.  Wicked, sound-forward basslines are in store for the Madison massive.  Make sure to see him this Wednesday at the Cardinal Bar when he headlines, "Jump Around", a party that we at Clearly Good Music are proud to call our own. The Hermit and several MC Audio heavyweights round out the bill so tomorrow the Bird is the word.


Like Soundkill3r on Facebook:

and a Free Download:

In other news, this weekend has several cool things going on but Clearly Good DJ and blogger Christian Rokk (me) will be crushing the Inferno on Friday with some severe moombahcore such as Mendez, Nerd Rage and Terra's "I Am Captain" in honor of Marcel Perez's birthday. Check out if you want to find "I Am Captain" Youtube video or as I recommend, score that free download.  Also on Saturday, a new night at Club Voodoo begins called "Superstition", which will be hosted by DJ Kinn who has really brought the new club to life and the newest contributor, Foil, a well known DJ and promoter.   I think the addition of Foil will continue to draw even bigger and more excited crowds.  I hope to be back soon myself.

RSVP to Superstition
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RSVP to Marcel's Musical Masterpiece
"I Am Captain" On Soundcloud

Finally, I want to draw some attention to Von, who has done a slamming remix of Theophilus London, and you can vote for it and help support homegrown Madison music.  Because I don't go to as many underground events as I should (although that is changing), I hadn't had heavy exposure to Von but his song "Louder" destroyed Beatport, dancefloors and me, both in it's original and remixed forms, and I've been paying attention ever since.  Check it, ch...check it, ch...check it check it out.

Von's remix of Theophilus London

Monday, January 23, 2012

Teknicolor at Segredo This Thursday!

Hey MadFam.  Do you know what I love more than parties and moombahton? When the party has moombahton. LOL, I'm such a dork.  However, I am dorky for good reason and that reason is because the awesome and powerful slowed-down sound of Teknicolor is coming back to Madison.  There are so many local  names now in the moombahton game. Samroc, Von, Mad Major Melvin, Nexah, speak.EZ, Gnarizard, Wyatt, Kayjay, Digital T and others are dropping some ill moombahton and moombahcore, much of it, songs they made themselves.  But somewhere on the top of that heap is Wausau's Teknicolor.  And why, you might ask, am I going on like this? Because he is playing this week at Segredo's Poor Boys Rave!

The PBR parties at Segredo have been off the heezy for a hot minute now and there is no reason to believe that will change anytime soon.  As the Segredo venue continues to grow and refine it's presence in the EDM scene, PBR has been instrumental in allowing people who live near campus to be exposed to sounds that were sometimes only available at venues like Inferno.  So this Thursday, not only do we get to hear all of Teknicolor's moomba-heat, we also have the boys from Appleton gracing the decks.  Hot off a killer night in Appleton which featured none other than Bad Boy Bill, Vigi is doin' thangs like some of my favorite people like to say. And Tazl is Fox Valley famous.  I lived there for many years and he's the good stuff in Boringsville.  So get ready fam, this Thursday at Segredo is going to be dripping with EDM swag. Just like we like it here at Clearly Good Music.

We're Back Madtown

This is Christian Rokk, one of the founding members of Clearly Good Music, and a blogger at Moomba+ (   Since our launch party in November 2008, CGM has hosted so many famous names in multiple genres we could take up quite a bit of space here.  But I am not going to do that right now, instead, I want to recommit this blog space and website to not only covering our events, profile our dj's and introduce music made by CGM affiliates but to also become a definitive voice on the Madison club scene and dance music in general.   Currently, our heavy hitter, Wyatt Agard, is in high demand throughout the Midwest and his team of loyal ground troops like myself are willing to make sure your nightlife is interesting.  Keep the music Clearly Good ya'll.

I want to post some music so we can be properly introduced.  One of the UK's brightest moombahton stars is EssBeeDee and his tracks are currently being caned across the globe.  As they are not officially signed yet, it's difficult for me to share just yet, but you have to trust me.  This is next level 'ish we are talking about here.  Check out EssBeeDee's rework of a Macauley song "Seek Bromance".  It's sick and you likely heard it here first.

This is a shortened link to the track on EssBeeDee's Soundcloud.