Saturday, November 17, 2012


Heavy Artillery is a major label and Madison's own Von is one of their incredible recording artists.  His latest release for them, the Spinkick EP got an amazing response and charted immediately and near the top of the Beatport charts.   We would be remiss in our duty at Clearly Good Music to cover local happenings without giving some digital ink to this massive EP.  Oh, and there is a free download if you spent all your money on "lunch".

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christian Rokk Is Workin' It

So I'm the half of Clearly Good Music that works in edit genres and with internet phenomenon whilst my partner, Wyatt Agard, sticks to making you shake via the ever so sexy rhythm of house music.   So, I'm going to let you know a little bit about the projects I've been working on at Deadly Viper Recordings and Rot10 Musik.  Before I start that off, I would like to say that Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk will be performing together for a full show in the first time in a long time.  December 28th, Cardinal Bar, Clearly Good Music founders reunited for a special night.

So Deadly Viper Recordings is the baby of Christian Rokk and DieGnostic (Chris and Eric) and we've recently brought Justin Pissoff and Shotty 305 on board the mgmt team.   We typically fool around with moombahton and trap but we've had some electro tracks come our way.   Here are a few examples of us at other BPM's. Free Download on This One! Today only!!
Eric, Shotty and I also perform as the Deadly Vipers and sometimes we run the trap.

Lastly, I am an intern at Rot10 Musik ( and we released a huge track today called #YouAlreadyKnow by Kid Cedek (@kidCEDEK), DFACE, and Achi and B-Stee with remix support from Sazon Booya (@SazonBooya), Etc!Etc! and Inflect.  This shizz is massive.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Something For Everyone

The picture above is from Magnifire 3.0 "Communion" which was an amazing party just outside Madison, WI.   Big ups to Wyatt Agard for having the Deadly Vipers out to play.  Good times.

Sarah Young is a popular DJ/producer from the UK who has capitalized on a savvy use of the media and relationships with influential brands like Adidas and Red Bull and parlayed into a successful music career at an early age. Having worked earlier in the year with UK Garage and Drum and Bass hero, Dynamite MC, I wasn't entirely surprised her latest release on MTV Hive included a garage track. I was surprised by how good it is.
Kimbra has been causing a sensation as a vocalist working with Gotye, A-Trak and others.   This track features her vocals very well and then gets taken to the next level by Opiuo, who recently performed with Vibesquad here in Wisconsin.   Bass heads are gonna wanna peep this....

The homey Dice Beats makes some really trill trap beats and this track is no exception.  MJ sounds really good in trap tracks. #trapfacts

The very first track we ever released on Deadly Viper Recordings was from Mexican and proudly and openly gay producer Boy Toy.  That track was under his alias "BLU" but it seems he largely works under one name now.  He also makes a variety of genres including this storming house remix.

New Acid track from local hero, Wyatt Agard.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Booty Bounce

DJ Funk gonna hurt somebody! I first saw DJ Funk spin in 1994 and he's been making an impact on the underground dance scene every single minute since that time.   No one is immune to the power of his ghetto house formula and it pops up in new and creative ways all the time.   Mad Decent's blend of bass, breaks and tempo shifts seem a good fit for the DJ Funk sound and now thanks to GTA, Mad Decent/Jeffries has a monster of a release.   The A Side "Booty Bounce" features DJ Funk and it gets the crowd moving just like the B Side "Shake Dem".   Totally Free. Video Evidence Included After The Break. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get ready to bounce.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Day In Edit Genres

Hola people of Madison and beyond.   The presidency remains Blue and the people's spirits are high.  Speaking of high, did you hear about Colorado and Washington State decriminalizing weed? What about medical in Mass?  Not such a bad thing, people should be allowed to make Clearly Good choices.  I am concerned that things in the California marijuana movement aren't as bright as they once were.   Small amounts of medicine are only a misdemeanor in Dane County.  Do you think Wisco is ready to give the ol' heave hoe to the prohibition of grass? Only time (and your effort) will tell.

While you are smoking on your marginally criminal leaf, why not peruse the latest track from Madison super producers, Mad Major Melvin.   Their tracks have been played by Dillon Francis, Sazon Booya, Nadastrom and I'm sure tons of trap DJ's that I'm simply not aware of.   They are the definition of a hot ticket and also had some well reviewed and attended performances late this summer and throughout the fall here in Mad City.   Their latest track is mad fire! #YouAlreadyKnow

Have you heard of Knuckle Children?  They are a MKE based super collective of producer/DJ's who have signed with Circle Talent Agency and have close ties to amazing artists like Evol Intent and Bro Safari.  They also have an amazing dubstep track floating about.   Paul Van Dyk "We Are Alive" never sounded so awesome.

Teknicolor is one of the most well liked acts in Wisconsin so we were happy that he recently released this track he defines as moombahstomp, but whatever you call it, it's his own take on moombahton.  It's called "Klepto" and it's defining sample "I just want it" is DJ's usual response when Christian Rokk, DieGnostic or other local moombahtonista's drop this track.  

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day in Da House

I don't care all that much for politics these days.  It's sort of a neccesary evil at best, at worst, it's a distraction from finding amazing house music.  So let's keep focused shall we?
Both of these tracks have me wanting to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?  What do you think?
 One of my favorite DJ's right now and certainly one of only a handful that I'm actually checking for, Maya Jane Coles is at the top of the house world.  Give her a listen and find out why!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

One More Time

Oh you know.....just another effort to give life to this thing.   I truly enjoy blogging so I am going to redouble my efforts to do a blog about local music, event news, all things "dancey" and even local food and culture type things.   So let's begin than shall we...

Have you seen the new lighting rig at Club Voodoo? It's a club atmosphere for sure and the upcoming lineups are spectacular.   Check out the photo above to see Wyatt Agard rocking out before surprise guest Christian Rokk made an appearance (haha, that's me).  Big ups to the other DJ's on the lineup for keeping the vibes nice, a particular kudos to Jogre the Ogre for a solid first effort on the ones and twos.  If I had to recommend one other night this month to attend the Voodoo would be November 24th when Radish and Wyatt Agard lay wreck to the nightclub right around the corner from your other favorite spots.

Another good thing to check out each month that Clearly Good Music sponsors is the Micro event at Inferno Nightclub.   This month features Dreek Sol, Chris Rusu, Jared Perez and Wyatt Agard.  Check out the event link here and peep some really good music from these artists after the break.

In other news. I have been working on releasing mixes that have more than just moombahton again.  Check out Christian Rokk at a slightly higher BPM for most of this latest mix.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Elephant Sized MoombahTunes

These are some of the nicest and hardest working guys I've had the pleasure of knowing and they truly love moombahton.  I would never call someone a bandwagon jumper but these guys are the last guys anyone would put that name to.   They are some production beast, on the come up and this multi-track album "Servezas", is just the sort of proof one would look for.  This is out on Rot10 Records so get it immediately.
Speaking of moombahton, did you know there was people like Gold Velour and Deadly Viper Recordings putting out high quality moombahton right here in your own city?   This track is from the Vipers and features RotBott on "Everybody on Drugs".  It's a hell of a tune.  If you know Christian Rokk, ask him for a copy.

A lot of you aren't familiar with DJ DieGnostic but he's one half of the Deadly Vipers and one of the more popular regular DJ's at Slowed Motion and the Inferno.  Wanna hear why? New live unedited moombahcore mix from DieGnostic.  Check it.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Otra Noche

Check it out.   DJ Melo from the AZ Gunslingaz, the El Cuco family and a key member of the moombahton massive has taken 2Deep and DJR's "Otra Noche" and stripped it down and emphasized some of the Latin elements.  It's what Melo does best and fans of that "old school" moombahton sound will love this track!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

This Is My House

I love house music.  I particularly like the deep, soulful stuff that has a real DIVA getting down on the track.  Not Ke$Ha.  Not Brit Brit. Sure as hell not Nicki/Roman/Barbie Minaj.  Nope.  But Bucie?  Yezzir.  That's my stuff.  Simple beats.  Real hooks.  Real voice and feel.  Forget Gucci.  Get Bucie.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trapped In Loch Ness

I am rather fond of Team Bayside High's productions.   Earlier in the year, they were on a funky moombahton tearout and now they've come hard with some next level trap/future bass.   Many of you were absent at their recent Segredo appearance but those that were know a traptastic time was had by all.  Enjoy this video which previews the tune "Loch Ness" while also showing how TBH smashes it live.  Boom!

More Chicago moombahton/trap stars are coming to the Inferno this Friday including Alex Supremee and Nader and Rampage.  Check it out.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sabo Gets Deep

As a DJ, I've been all over the place in terms of what I've been playing the last year and a half.  But honestly, when I had to choose a mix to listen to just for 'lil 'ol me, I would listen to deep moombahton. I know deep house has been making a resurgence in Madison and that's a welcome development.  Something about the percussion in these tracks takes me to a place that I just adore. House is for the club, moombahdeep if for the heart.  Please do yourself a favor and here just how deep the moombahton hole goes.  Check out Sabo's "Deep Edits Vol 1"

Loud Flavor's Revolution EP

Loud Flavor hails from Texas and has made lots of noise at 140bpm in the last year or two.   He has produced several tracks that have been well received in the "trap rave" community.  I think his tracks reach a depth that the earliest and best dubstep achieved and makes me excited for each forthcoming release.   Whether you are a "dubronaut" or "runnin' the trap", this totally free, three track EP is for you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Porn And Chicken Are Clearly Good Thangz

What is up Madtown?  Do you know what today is? Today is the day Orville Kline comes to town.  Who is Orville Kline you might ask?  He performs at Chicago's seminal dance party and freak fest, Porn N Chicken, every Monday night.  He is also becoming a respected name in DJing in this country and internationally.  We are proud at Clearly Good Music to say that our founder, Wyatt Agard, has performed with the "P 'N C" crew both in Chicago and here in Madison as well.  But tonight is a little something different.  First off, aspiring producers and serious audiophiles should check out a free Ableton workshop at MC AUDIO from 7pm-9pm.  If you don't know where MC Audio is, check out the link below, hit attend, and be slightly ashamed of yourself.   And then, after the workshop, Orville Kline and Wyatt Agard will be holding down the decks at Tipsy Tuesdays at Jolly Bob's. Again, totally free and awesome.  Do it.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Free Track From Madison's Deadly Viper Recordings

This slice of future bass comes courtesy of Madison, Wisconsin's own Deadly Viper Recordings and up and coming producer from North Carolina, Rell the Soundbender!   Follow him on Facebook to stay up on upcoming releases he has on Moomba+ Records and a variety of other lablels as well!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here Comes Sony! (Past, Present and Future Pt 3)

For lovers of dance music, there is simply no better read than the book "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" by Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton.  I am eternally grateful to Wyatt Agard for lending it to me (but not grateful enough to return   As I re-read it for the sixteenth time this morning, it occurred to me that it was time to write another Past, Present and Future blog post.  The reason I felt this way is because the authors describe the fall of disco and it sounds a lot like what's happening to the EDM scene today.

In order for this article to be relevant we have to agree on two suppositions that would require their own articles.   One, disco is heavily related to and similar enough to the EDM scene today to make it worth comparing the two sounds.   Second, the EDM scene is dominated by a group of producers that have been calling their heavily blogged, heavily programmed sounds by different names, but it's really all the same music.  And for the sake of argument, we will call today's music "electro". My argument is that electro is about to go the way of disco if we don't keep the major music labels out of our scene.   Check it out...

An excerpt from "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life":

"That disco started to suck can be blamed squarely on the majors.  They were slow to follow the success of smaller independents, but once they had developed an efficient line of communication with the DJ's (through the pools and the new idea of club promotion), they were soon able to join the party."

"However, to make disco work for them, they squeezed it into the star-based marketing structures which had worked so well with rock.  They hated the fact that disco was made by anonymous producers bossing a bunch of session musicians around, and that the real star of the show, as everyone kept telling them, was the DJ.  (Ritchie Family was named after it's engineer, ferchrissakes!) Most major labels, used to marketing famous people whose poster you could buy and whose career you could follow, only felt comfortable with this club music if they could dress it up with all sorts of artists and group based fronts.   Naturally, when the public saw so much fakery and lip-synching, it reinforced the idea that the music was artificial and inhuman."

Now is that exactly what's happening in today's music scene?  Well let's take a look at this paragraph written with modern examples and heavily edited by myself to reflect current trends.  Ready?

That electro started to suck can be blamed squarely on the majors.  They were slow to follow the success of blogs and file sharing services, but once they figured out how to use Scion's money to open lines of communication with the DJ's (and through the shutting down of file sharing sites and the new idea of festival promotion), they were soon able to join the party.

However, to make electro work for them, they squeezed it into the star-based marketing structures which had worked so well for Justin Timberlake.   They hated the fact that electro was made by anonymous producers (often in ASCII) using Maschine and Massive instead of session musicians, and the real star of the show, as everyone kept telling them, was Diplo.  (He even managed to get his name written next to artists like Santigold, MIA and Snoop Lion ferchrissakes!) Most major labels, used to marketing famous people whose poster you could buy and whose career you could follow, only felt comfortable with this club music if they could dress it up with all sort of artists and group based fronts like LMFAO or the Swedish House Mafia.  Naturally, when the public saw that Justice didn't even have the damn MIDI controller plugged in, it reinforced the idea that the music was staged and corporate-directed.

Hopefully the readers can see where this is going.  In 2007, blog house, or electro, or more plainly, my music was born and it was not heavily influenced by corporate factors.  The WHOLE IDEA of blog house was to give the music away for free and to garner attention because the fan/blogger liked the track and not because some corporate entity deemed a particular track a "money maker".    Most of the music you enjoy today would not have made it because the powers that be were mistakenly pushing trance and progressive house, not realizing that a new style of EDM was about to become dominant on worldwide dancefloors.  It took the freedom of the blog house movement to energize electronic music.  But anyone who has listened to the radio can hear how the electro sound that was so fresh in 2007 is now over-saturated.  Do not let the corporate interests define our next moves.   Electro might die but indie never well.  Keep it real.  Keep it Clearly Good.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sol Selectas

No matter what flavor of global bass sparks your interest, you will likely enjoy DJ Sabo's label, Sol Selectas.   The label aims to release only the funkiest, sexiest music and this author would have to concur.  DJ Sabo is known in moombahton circles for his DJing at the Moombahton Massive, often times alongside genre founders, Nadastrom.  He has only strengthened his presence by releasing DJ Melo's "Sol Sauce" EP which was an early summer hit. But in actuality, it's the house tracks in the third preview that really move me.   Check out all of these Soundcloud previews of their releases and if you enjoy them, follow the links to your favorite online retailer.   Find their official website here:

And my favorite:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who Is Nader?

Nader is one of the most promising moombahton and future bass stars in the Chicago music scene.  Alongside his partner Rampage, the pair have performed live with major moombahton stars and produced groundbreaking tracks.   Most recently, Cy Kosis released a very important album on Think 2wice Records and this is exclusive remix was done by Nader to support the release and was featured on Walmer Convenience, an influential future bass blog.   Go ahead and download Nader's remix of #Dope and make plans to see him August 24th at Slowed Motion at Inferno Niteclub.

Hit Attend!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aylen "ON FIRE" EP


What if I told you there was one EP that was just released that could satisfy the needs of almost every EDM DJ in Madison? Well, if any of you have been following the career of Andrew Lin, aka Aylen, you know this isn't a stretch at all.  Some of my favorite electro, pop, dubstep, b-more, electrostep and moombahton all comes from the same guy! Yep, you guessed it, Aylen.  His latest EP features remixes from Xristo, Cy Kosis and Elonious who are all either favorites of mine or are becoming my favorites.  So, if you like moombah, electro, trap, dubstep or global bass, then this is your shizz.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Last summer was the summer of noise.   Skrillex ruled both the dubstep and electro worlds with legions of fans latching on to what was now being referred to as complextro.   Festivals highlighted acts that favored Massive basslines and maximal sounds.   And if you liked dirty, American style, rock infused dubstep, you were probably in heaven.   The sound that came to be known as brostep infected everything and every BPM in existence.  What's interesting is the sound that most challenges dubstep now isn't at a different BPM at all.  There is a sound that features tinny, rolling snares, big 808 bass drops and references to a variety of hood shit and it too occupies the 70/140bpm landscape.  It's called trap music and it's making it's way into your favorite DJ's sets as we speak.

To be clear, this article is not going to focus on the history of trap.   Those of you who are familiar with music history are probably familiar with DJ Screw, the Houston rap scene, sizzurp, New Orleans, Weezy and Waka, Lex Luger and all other things associated with the trap movement.  Indeed, trap has a very long "rap sheet", if you will.   It's definitely not new.   However, electro and dubstep DJ's producing hood music is a new phenomenon.  And while new school trapstars like Chief Keef from Chicago get and deserve press, this article is going to focus on the effect trap beats are having on the EDM scene.  Just know that if you like trap music a lot, eventually you are going to have to find out about Riff Raff.  The intent of this article though is to talk trap from the standpoint of Skrillex and others like him.  Lezzz go!

So why are we listening to trap music at EDM events anyway?  Simple answer: Flosstradamus.  And by way of shameless promotion, you can see them September 26th at Majestic Theatre (I'm opening) and they will sonically verify much of this article.   For many in the "future trap" scene: Flosstradamuss is Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end...also a sly reference to ASCII) :)

So you might be thinking, I liked Flosstradamus when they played house music and toured with Kid Sister.  I know they can kill a dancefloor.  But do people really listen to this beat for hours? How do they dance? Well, first off.....trap is usually just part of EDM set, especially if you aren't masters like Flossy.  But there is a guy who's universally known for making people shake their assses.   His name is Baauer and he's the author of "Harlem Shake".  It's a big time track that shows how much dance appeal this "future trap" has.

Something you will quickly notice is a lot of this trap movement is intimately tied with Mad Decent.  Perhaps no single trap producer has made as much noise or laid down more of the "trap motif" than the Mad Decent recording artist, UZ.  He has an air of mystery surrounding him like so many of the modern trap producers.  Very few people know who UZ is, if he's another big producer or even where he is from.  Now that UZ has made a few appearances, that may be changing but the secrecy is now a part of trap lore.   Many producers take new names and go to great lengths to stay secret, coding their names in ASCII to be unsearchable.   People want to sound like UZ and they definitely have copied some of his other career choices.  Check out some UZ TRAP SHIT!!!

What about moombahton? Is anyone still making moombahton?  Some of the biggest and most promising names in the moombahton scene have been making some trap beats.   One of the best and brightest stars is Big Makk, who has been putting out high quality trap longer than most and still continues to make his mark on moombahton.   Another huge name that has released a trap EP as of late is our big haired hero, Munchi.   Munchi put a lot of thought about including sounds from the European hardcore scene he was involved in and it worked.  LeDoom is another moombah/dub producer infusing his trap beats with hardcore.  And lastly, Craze and Codes both had monster moombahton anthems earlier this year and now have a huge trap anthem "Trapped In Sydney" doing the rounds.

So what happened to Dubstep again? Skrillex? Hulk? Where ya at these days?  They are on the corner.

And what about the people who really love trap and have been down since day one? Many of them as I've mentioned earlier have taken aliases and code their names in ASCII.  Here are a few examples.

So if you've read and listened to everything in this post, you have a pretty good idea that "trap" is a lot of things but "new" isn't one of them.  If you like the sounds, get down to them now.  Who knows what's going to be "new" next summer? :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Real, Good Music

So what would I call "real" music? It's a trick question because I really don't draw distinctions like that because it's all a matter of taste.  Having said that, gorgeous lyrics, stunning strings and keys and a voice that can kill or resurrect all go a long way to proving a song's "worth".   This summer, Foxes and "Let Go For Tonight" is the one that is moving me miles emotionally.  First I will post the original and a sick trap rework from my friends in Arizona, Decade and Nightmare!

How about some local flavor?  Who's making some trunk shakers and heart breakers in Madison this summer? Well let's give a "look see" shall we?

The main man behind Clearly Good Music, DJ Wyatt Agard has been working his ass off to bring you killer events.  Electrolust, Jump Around, City Lights, Tipsy Tuesdays and tons of parties past and present belong to Madison's reigning king of four on the floor.  Check out this mix he did at the first City Lights if you haven't already and remember why you see this guy every week :) Hehehe

How about the other kids from Clearly Good Music? You know, the ones with the stupid shirts.  Oh yeah.  The Deadly Vipers. :)  They have been busy playing out and scheduling some killer late summer releases.   Be sure to catch Slowed Motion at Inferno Nightclub every last Friday of the month.  Tonight we have Von as our special guest and next month features Nader from Chicago, IL and T&A Records.  Boom!  Tune in every Saturday from 5-8pm to hear the Deadly Vipers spin live on Moomba+ Radio.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Only Song I Need This Summer

Well welcome to some decent weather you crazy denizens of Madtown.  Are you all staying cool as a hula hoop?   Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk and a lot of our DJ friends are looking forward to partying with you all summer long! Have you been to Tipsy lately?  I know last week was hot as hell and Mike Carlson, Nice Nice and Wyatt surely made it even hotter.  But tonight, there are no excuses!! Get to Jolly Bob's and have a tropical drink with Wyatt Agard and friends!

One of the hottest EDM producers over the last six months has been Florida's, Big Makk.  He's made the largest splash in the moombahton scene but best believe that Big Makk is 'bout that life.  He smokes weed on his weed.  He also is known to make sexy trap edits of already incredible tunes.  As the title promises, this is the only song I need this summer.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, you really can't go wrong with Poptronic featuring Wyatt Agard and DJ Urbane. This will also be a sexy event.

Hope everyone enjoyed this post.  My name is Christian Rokk and I listen to a lot of music.  Very little of it is as fun as this gem from local heroes Soundkill3r and The Al Gore Rhythm Method called "Rock3t".  Get ready to blast off into an incredibly fun week.  Keep the music CLEARLY GOOD.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Is Al Gore?

Who is Al Gore? Who is The Al Gore Rhythm Method is what you meant to ask? Al Gore was just some dude who acheived a higher status than almost anyone in the United States and practically invented the internet (his claim, not mine).   But in the much more important world of electronic dance music, The Al Gore Rhythm Method may yet achieve loftier status than our former VP.  Patrick Awesome is the author of Mumbo Jumbo, a fun party at Voodoo and Red's Life has been bringing high energy to every party he plays.  Now that they've formed like Voltron, expect to hear some amazing sounds.   I will post all the
appropriate links so that you can discover their sound but the next chance to see them is at Inferno, May 25th, the Friday!!!!!  So check out the new kids in town, brought to you by the old skool cool that is Clearly Good Music.

This Friday!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Le Requins De La Rue

Von is a hometown hero who produces his own music across genres and has gotten love (and release dates) from some big name labels including Heavy Artillery and Play Me.  Now, making his home on Gawa records, the man with all the big basslines has an album ready to be released on May 31st and you can all show it some love right now and start listening.   With a host of remixes and a variety of sounds, there is something for everyone to love on this release.  Clearly Good Music blog will endeavour to bring you a post each day on new music from local artists and I will also resume my Past, Present and Future series shortly.  Enjoy these sounds from Von and have a Clearly Good day :)

Full album preview!! ^^

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Likes Free Dubstep?

 So I have been DJing for sometime (too long according to most) and one of my love affairs on my way to moombaville was definitely dubstep.   And I definitely liked older, sparser dubstep before I learned to like the hyper-aggressive mechanical noises known now as brostep.  I don't subscribe to the "brostep" school in that a good dubstep DJ is usually all over the place and for good reason.  There are lots of innovative tracks on display in that scene and generally in all of the healthy and current EDM scenes.   If you want to hear good dubstep live, you can definitely do that at many events in our city including most Wednesdays at Cardinal Bar and Inferno.  If you want to get some really good current free dubstep for you own collection, and your boy, Christian Rokk, can you help you out.   Here is my latest loves, all from HOTLANTA! 

 Street Lurkin- Night Riders (PLAY ME FREEBIE)

Kid Cedek - Psychotic, Cold People (P.C.P.) [Original Mix] *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Check out Kid Cedek on Facebook.  Not only does he make bangers across genres but he's the new president of Rot10 Records.

OOPS I'm throwing in one really fun electro house track....

Sin Diesel and Gummy Worms feat. BEBO - "I Wish I Was Latino" (Original Mix)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bang the Box!!! (Past, Present and Future Pt. 2)

We at Clearly Good Music had a sincerely good time this week at all of our parties. Tipsy Tuesday at Jolly Bob's, Jump Around at Cardinal Bar, PBR @ Segredo, Wyatt at Plan B, and the Moomba+ radio show were all top times so thanks to everyone who was down to clown.  I had been expecting the day I wrote this article to be extra gorgeous and it just didn't quite make it there.  Dark and dreary and cold.  So I decided I wanted to listen to house music, but not the kind that usually is labeled "classic house" but rather, to play what I actually used to rave to in order to get the day started right.  Kids, meet Bad Boy Bill, Hyperactive and Terry Mullan. They invented rage face but it came from having to hall five record cases full of vinyl up to every Chicago loft party :)  This is the house music I remember from Chicago rave parties.  Aggressively and actively mixed jackin' records from DJ's who probably don't endorse the "sync" button.  That is not a diss on DJ's who use those modern tools but there is something to consider.  These DJ's had no computer screen, no lines to match up on Serato and usually could barely see in the lofts and warehouses they played at.  These are live mixes, no internal mode to bail you out, often no effects to mask anything.  STR8 Mixin' and Bangin'. Enjoy the true sound of the underground, unless you mean B96 in Chitown, none of these records you will hear were ever played on the radio.  I was going to write a bunch about a classic house DJ/producer named DJ Sneak attacking the Swedish House Mafia and Steve Angello for not repping house music well.  Instead I'm going to mention the fact that there are many DJ's right here in Madison who balance the old and new elements of house and dance music perfectly and are the best of both the DJ Sneak era and the Swedish House Mafia era.  Their names are Nick Nice, Mike Carlson, Wyatt Agard, DJ Foundation and a host of others.  Sorry for the run on paragraph by the way. One thought. One love.

Hyperactive Live in Madison, WI 1995

Terry Mullans Infamous "New School Fusion" (not called volume one cuz he probably didn't plan on making more, he did)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jump Around was Cray, PBR is Today!

Thank you to all the crazy folks who made it out to the Cardinal Bar for the latest edition of Jump Around just last night.  While a little light on attendance, the night was heavy on energy.    Foundation opened the night and it was very nice to see him on the decks at the Bird again.   A good set from the man behind MadElectro led into a stormer from the Filthy Poptart and the Dirty Noodle.   The pair got down on all genres before 507 took a turn on the decks.   From Deadmau5 to moombahton, 507 had the crowd moving to be sure.   Finally, original member of Clearly Good Music, DieGnostic, closed out the night with some strong, hard moombahcore and just a touch of music we can't even name yet.  Can you dig it?  For the record, Wyatt and I had a blast and look forward to recreating last night's vibe but with just a few more folks :)

And if you want some more from Cleary Good Music, you only have to wait a matter of hours!  Tonight is Poor Boy's Rave at Segredo and the theme tonight is "Siren's Song", an all female DJ showcase.   Urbane, Brianna Klein, Aubreezy, and CGM's Speak EZ (aka Jenna Freeman) will all be on the bill and in the house.  Quick thought about tonight.....Urbane is a lot like Wyatt in that she is old school but has stayed active and relevant while many of their contemporaries did not.  Let's hear it for longevity.  Legendary :P

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WMC, High Contrast, and the History of Bass Music (PPF1)

Before we get to the heart of the matter, I would like to take a few moments to discuss this blog, it's intentions and what the heck PPF is :)  Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk founded Clearly Good Music and performed as Vodka Rox back in 2008 and although neither of us were rookies, we were having lots of fun.  The fun we were having came from a blend of old and new party themes being woven together with a soundtrack that was  as much classic Chicago house as it was trailblazing electro.  That idea and spark lives on at Tipsy Tuesdays, Jump Around and PBR and it also lives in each and everyone of you who come to Wyatt's events.  We also want to host that vibe here at!

2012 can seem unfamiliar to two guys who have been raving for over 35 years combined.  Mixes have become transitions, turntables are disappearing and vinyl is a gimmick.  However, deep in our hearts we know though that this is still the SAME super FUN party.  It has never stopped.  So throughout the Past, Present and Future series (there is the whole PPF thing if I still have your attention), old times will be discussed positively and at length.  However, the past has nothing on the present and future.  They are one and the same.  It's all jokes when it comes to nightlife.  But during the day, Clearly Good Music can help you learn about the past and see why it's so freakin' relevant to today's freaky little party scene we have in Madison.  So without further's article.

So many people tuned in to the Ultra Music Festival Live Stream on Youtube which was featuring various live performances on the UMF stages at this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami.  Slick production value, decent performances, live chat and Twitter feed and sheer numbers made it feel like you were there even if the 60,000 average live viewers definitely weren't.    There was not a lot of people in the crowds who looked like they could compose a coherent Tweet. LOL.  And one morning in particular featured a killer back to back DJ duo, Netsky and High Contrast.  Drum and bass fans will recognize those names but perhaps not realize that High Contrast was first signed to his CURRENT label in the year 2000.  Got roots?

Back then Lincoln Barrett was an unknown demo pusher who happened to catch a big break on the strength of his production work.   By infusing disco and house sounds into his progressive drum and bass beat structures, he was able to set dancefloors and bedrooms alike on FIRE!  His songs "Return of Forever" and "Make It Tonight" on Hospital Records are modern classics,  released in 2002, they will still smash 2012. The timelessness of the sound is what makes him so popular and why he related so well to Progressive and Dutch House loving crowds.  His modern disco sound works everywhere, regardless of the beat backing it.  Past, present, future!

Drum and bass is said to have been born from the Hardcore and Breakbeat Hardcore scene in London, in particular the records that had a ragga styling, eventually leading to the sound known as Jungle Music.  Many people objected to the connotation of the word "jungle" and suggested racism.  Thus, it's offered that perhaps drum and bass was called that because jungle fell out of favor.  I think that may be true but there are STILL kids wearing "Junglist Movement" T Shirts so that can't really be it.  What's more likely in my mind is that Garage and Soul sounds are simply more accessible and had a historical context that worked very well on dancefloors and made sense to include them in this "new" breakbeat sound.  So, Roni Size, Fabio, et al, worked those sounds into their jungle music which really now needed a new name.  High Contrast is the epitomy of drum and bass (the thing jungle was now more accurately called) and embodies the fusion of hard breakbeats with soul music which has been winning over hearts and minds since circa 1996.

So once again flash forward to Ultra.  Here is High Contrast getting down with the rather youngish Netsky and playing huge basslines with amazing vocal cuts and overlays.  As the vocals come down and the crowd  chants "The Sun is Shining Everyday" along with the record, it was truly sunny and beautiful and I felt like I was witnessing people fall in love with a sound I've fallen in love with twice a year for about the last fifteen years.  Thirty make ups and break ups with drum and bass? Why? Because there is so much more to love in Electronic Dance Music.  Sometimes we are house, sometimes techno, sometimes dubstep.  We are all family.


High Contrast's Hospital Records Artist Profile
One of my favorite High Contrast tracks coming down the pipe :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Music From Blu! Techno! Christian Rokk Live at Jolly Bob's

So the title says it all.......

Blu is an amazing DJ/producer/promoter from Mexico that has done so much for the electronic dance music scene.  He's a 24 year old openly gay dance music phenomenon who is part of my Deadly Viper Recordings group and just a damn fine human.  Plan B?  But I digress.....I love his moombahton.  My  friends love the music he makes as Boy Toy, an evil and twisted dubstep alter ego.  I mean come on, what can't this guy do?  I am letting Madison know that if you play four on the floor, moombah or dub than this is your guy.  Soundkill3r is another guy like this.  They are coming old skool. You can't keep the kids down.

Fresh Techno from Blu!
Fresh Moombahton from Deadly Viper Recordings and Moomba+ Courtesy of Blu
Fresh Dubstep guessed it :)

His vocals are on this dubstep track and he does my dj intros and drops!  Hit him up on Facebook.

And now.....Tipsy Tuesday went off last night and I want to do some thank yous.  First, thanks to Jolly Bob's for being so consistently available to us on Tuesdays.  It isn't easy to commit your space every week to an event for as long as Jolly Bob's has to Clearly Good Music.  Our sincerest thanks. Secondly, I want to thank Gnarizard and his friend for awesome performances across genres.  I thought the mixing was done at a high level and I know we are a house night but I was disappointed about some grumblings I heard toward drumstep etc...WE are a sound forward community in Madison and we can celebrate the past while looking towards the musical future. Lastly, thanks to Wyatt for giving us all the deck time he did.  So I ripped up the shack with some moombahton and got the video to prove it. Go.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deadly Viper Recordings in Madison, WI

Wyatt Agard, Christian Rokk, DieGnostic, speakEZ, Nexah, BeauXpeep, Gnarizard, Justin Pissoff, Teknicolor, Red's Life and so many more......

What do these names all have in common? All of them are involved in the new moombahton label called Deadly Viper Recordings and it's run by CGM'ers, DieGnostic and Christian Rokk.  You wouldn't have seen us on the decks all that often as of late but that's because moombahton is the first genre to belong to the internet and not a city.  But DVR does belong to Madison so if you can support our Soundcloud and generally keep up with us it would be appreciated.  Specifics to follow but I thought you should know. 

You can catch Wyatt Agard this Tuesday at Jolly Bob's, at Segredo on Thursday and on Friday, he's at the Majestic for the massive Electrolust 3 party we mentioned in our previous article.   Christian Rokk performs early tonight at Jolly Bob's and on internet radio this Saturday alongside DieGnostic.   Those two will also be performing at SXSW as well as Juarez and select cities in the Southwest in a little more than a week.  And I thought Vipers hibernated in the winter?????

Hush Up! Cosmic's playing!!!

I would like to introduce myself to the readers at Clearly Good Music, and thank Wyatt and Christian Rokk for allowing me to provide content on what is a Clearly Good Thing. My name is HUSH, but that’s asecret, so you can’t tell anyone. I am originally from Milwaukee and was co-founder of LocalUnderground Vibe (LUV Productions). I have played alongside the likes of Keoki, Juno Reactor, Doormouse, Nigel Richards, and Tommie Sunshine.

As an 80’s child I listened to everything from the Moody Blues to the Sex Pistols to Pavarotti, Domingo,and Carreras (The Three Tenors – Opera). As the late eighties hit, I moved into techno/industrial groups like Skinny Puppy, Ministry, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and The Crystal Method. This diversity and love for all forms of music made me want to be more than a spectator in this whole thing. I started Djingin 1998 using CD players. At that time if you did not spin vinyl, you were not a real Dj. Now I am very capable in whatever format you hand me, technology only expands the limits of possibilities. My first few gigs were at house parties, with every Dj in the room hovering over watching what I was doing with my CDs. I eventually gained respect from the vinyl Djs by being highly diverse in musical styles. I called myself a genre-less Dj, because I would spin house, breaks, trance, techno, Drum and Bass, and anything else I could dig up. I figured out how to make everything work together.

I gradually molded my HUSH persona into an actual character, known for wearing costumes and custom clown faces. This is not a gimmick, but it represents what I feel about the club scene. We are all just characters trying to fit in somewhere, I choose to leave my personal life behind and the inhibitions it can bring when I am behind the decks. It allows me to get out of my skin for the evening and give the crowd everything I got.

But enough about me, I would like to speak about a Young man I witnessed at Segredo last night, DJ COSMIC. This kid right here is my age, well minus 29 years. I was trying to think back to what I was doing at his age. I was listening to the early beginnings of hip hop, wearing flight pants, doing back
spins, and the worm. Scratching and juggling breaks on turntables was something they were doing in a
city far away. The thought of being on a stage 8 feet in the air, behind the best wall of sound in the city was just not even in my mind. I was trying not to get caught throwing rocks at the house. Ohhh and
there was noooo!! Internet. OMG

I made sure I was there early, because I wanted to see what this hype was all about. As I walkedin, I heard the familiar ooontz ooontz ooontz. As I got closer I realized this kid is playing some nice
underground Electro-house. I came around the corner and there he was, larger than life, behind that wall of speakers dancing away. I think that was the first thing that caught me, he was dancing. Veteran DJs tend to forget, this is dance music, and there is no reason we should not be dancing ourselves. His moves reflected what he was playing and I could tell he was truly feeling the music and not just hitting buttons. Of course, the next test is mixing skills. I went to a show a while back and heard some of the worst attempts at beat matching, and they have supposedly been at this game a while. I am thinking maybe we should have them sit with DJ Cosmic to show ‘em what’s up. Throughout the set his mixes were nearly flawless, and he showed a true understanding of the structure of the music, the phasing of the tracks, and the harmonies. Even when he seemed to struggle with a mix or two, he held is composure and pulled them off with grace and style. Something tells me, as his teacher, we can give Wyatt a lot of credit for this. All in all, it was refreshing to see such a young man have a true love of the craft. We know this will only grow with time and experience. He can still count the amount of gigs he’s played on one hand, but he seemed very comfortable and confident. His music selection was mainly electro-house, but he kept it underground with a flash here and there of something more popular. He held a steady rise throughout the set, and ended it with a bang. The crowd cheered with much deserved approval.

I spoke with DJ Cosmic for a short bit, and found him to be personable and a smart kid. He said he has been playing with Ableton a bit to start producing, but it’s pretty complicated. At is age he has plenty of time work it out. We should all keep an eye on this one. I have no doubt we are going to see some big things from this one. With the unbridled support of his family and a phenomenal teacher he is beyond
this new breed of laptop button pushers. He is a DJ at heart. The only question I had for his Dad was,

Check out his opening set on March 9th at the Majestic Theatre for ELECTROLUST 2

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Day in Paradise

Madison is the greatest city in the world, especially on a day like today.  What a beautiful day to be alive! And as stunningly beautiful as the city is, it's better when it has a soundtrack.  Today, the soundtrack will be soulful moombahton, which surprisingly enough, we call moombahsoul.  There is no better place to hear it than at Jolly Bob's on Tuesday's but today, you just download it and go on your way and enjoy the lovely evening.  Tonight the Bird may in fact be the word.  Be dope.

These are the sounds of Florida's BigMakk!

And a link to Sazon Booya's Moombahsoul compilation

Later tonight, a very special article from my patient homeboy DJ Hush. He's gonna get real regular up in here. Peace and be safe my favorites.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jackie Exoh

I really just want to post things sometimes merely because they have caught my attention for a short moment in time.  I'm not typically a fan of progressive house but I've been following Jackie ExOh for a minute and thought you might like to hear her blend of music.  It's very upfront club style house that isn't exactly the norm anymore but it once was and will likely be again.  Jackie has played with some big names over her short career including Nicky Romero, Alex Kenji and Designer Drugs. Boom.

Here is the link to her summer promo mix:

Here is her Facebook so you can both encourage her to make a new mix and come to Madison.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poor Boys Rave Tonight!

What an exciting week for Clearly Good Music! Hopefully you heard that Wyatt Agard played Monday night in Chicago for Porn N Chicken.  Maybe you were able to join us at Jolly Bob's and hear the best blend of moombahton, dubstep and house. Or perhaps you tuned into today to Moomba+ radio to hear Christian Rokk live as he starts a stint as their resident radio DJ. Well, tonight, the party keeps on going at Segredo as we do Poor Boys Rave like only the team at CGM can!

Our newest team member is a twelve year old DJ/producer prodigy named DJ Cosmic and his appearances at Electric Earth are often talked about and he is getting busier and busier.  Well tonight he is at PBR and you should not miss this.  He has impressed everyone from major moombahton label heads to Nick Nice and he will catch your eye and capture your heart tonight.  Christian Rokk will also drop a special ALL MOOMBAHTON set starting at 10:30pm to introduce everyone to Wisconsin Moombahton and help kickstart the emerging genre.

The later part of the night at PBR starts with Five O Seven and then later, Christian Rokk teams up with Wyatt Agard as Vodka Rox for the first time in over a year.  A once dominant duo, Wyatt and Rokk have gone in different directions for sometime but reuniting tonight to play a set that will remind Madison dancers who has the best blend of house, electro, club and bmore. And that my friends are the boys who founded Clearly Good.  Get your rage face on, Gredo things are happening, MDC standup and haters sit the "f" down.

Here is a mix to get you in the partying mood courtesy of Christian Rokk:

And a Wyatt Agard track for download:

And  the link to this event I've been bragging

Monday, February 6, 2012

Viciouz Music and more!!!!!

Hey kids, Christian Rokk here.  I just want to let you guys in on some things going on in the music world that I like and hope to bring a little more exposure to so here goes nothing.  I would like to remind everyone to show Wyatt Agard some online or in person support as he travels to Chicago's Porn N Chicken dance event to show the Chi Massive how we get down here in the Capitol City.  

I would like to formally introduce Viviana Aranda, better known as Viciouz Viv, to the Madison dance community.  You will not find a more sincere and nice person capable of assaulting dancefloors like this girl can.  We are currently making moves to have her in Madison later this year so I thought it would be a good time for you all to get to know her.   San Antonio is where she calls home and the people there are treated regularly to sets from ViciouzViv who although widely known in moombahton circles, is known to play a diverse range of sounds in her hometown.  Nationally, she has gained attention both for her official Moomba+ ( mixtape as well as her Generation Bass mixtape which will be featured below.  Please check out all of her mixes and tracks that we post and get ready to see just how spectacular ViciouzViv can look and sound in a club near you :)

Generation Bass presents New Wave of Moombahton Vol 1 (mixed by ViciouzViv) 

Pinback "How We Breath" ViciouzViv moombahton edit

 Khoa Le has been back in the local scene again after a short hiatus and was very helpful to me in getting some party ideas of the ground that we will be able to announce in a few days.  He also had a great set at Orpheum NYE and Avicii and looks to be seen even more.  Mixing his love of club music and incorporating the new and emerging moombahton scene is a win for him and us.  Check out his latest mix here and let him know and let promoters know you want more Khoa.

Last second addition.  ETC!ETC! is one of the premier acts on my favorite label, Rot10, and they are just killing the game.  Right around Christmas, they dropped the Nas "If I Ruled The World" remix and dancefloors still haven't recovered. And now I'm dropping a link to a remix they did of "Horizon" which hasn't been posted hardly anywhere and is a teaser for A-Mac and Paul David's massive "Horizon" EP release coming out soon. In fact, CGM may be the first blog to have this track up but no matter what it's fresh. Boom! Free DL

Finally I want you to know how much I love Valentino Khan and this brand new release on Diplo's label, Mad Decent.The track is called "Ruckus" and it's large.  Check out this track and more at Valentino's Soundcloud and get with the hottest name in moombahton.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Week's Preview (and it's soundtrack)

Madison has been behaving very badly doing the Voodoo that you do on the weekend nights.  But I've also noticed the Madtown Dance Crew giving some mad love to our midweek parties that we throw here at Clearly Good Music.   This week promises to be extra excellent as Tipsy Tuesday comes with the heat, Christian Rokk doing some moombahton alongside two of Madison's hottest and busiest DJ's, Wyatt Agard and Gnarizard.  You can also look forward to appearances from the underappreciated Martian Mellow.  All three of those guys play a wide variety of tunes.  I've seen Gnarizard rock almost every popular genre there is in the last two weeks so that is a must see event.  And give it up to Jolly Bob's for the rokkin' atmosphere.  Every Tuesday, we get Tipsy and you should too!!

I also want to draw particular attention to this week's Poor Boys Rave at Segredo on Thursday night.  Not only will Christian Rokk (me) be playing exclusive heavyweight moombahton business and repping Moomba+ but later in the night, he will be tagging with Wyatt Agard as the boys from Vodka Rox perform together for the first time in over a year. Wyatt has tons of new material of his own and I've culled all of the hottest B'More and Juke influenced electro I could find.  You couldn't find a better party than Vodka Rox several years ago and you still can't so get yourself to PBR at Segredo this Thursday.

I want to leave with with some music and a promise to have more frequent posts.  I welcome submission ideas so hit me up at

In order to understand the club phenomenon that is Wyatt Agard and Christian Rokk together, I think it's important to hear this remix of the modern club classic "212". Wyatt made it, I began "rokking" it immediately and it's a perfect example of our synergy.  So here it is, Wyatt's remix of Azealia Banks "212"

And if the crowd comes early enough to PBR on Thursday, you might force me to play heavier than I plan to......this is what that might sound like and is the latest Deadly Vipers mix courtesy of Christian Rokk and dieGnostic (moombahcore is now Viper Kore)

And how about local sensation Von getting down again on Gawa

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vote For Ben Kimo and Wyatt FTW

Wyatt Agard was really on a roll this week.  Christian Rokk, Gnarizard and Mr. Agard all got down on the decks for an extra fun Tipsy Tuesday. Then, Soundkill3r destroyed the Cardinal just like you read he was going to in this very blog on Wednesday night.  And finally, PBR on Thursday was a magical mix of old and new, as the boys from Appleton rinsed out hypnotic house and breaks until the power of "What's Happening Now" tookover and Teknicolor got his rage face on as he rode all over Segredo with driving basslines and infectious energy.  Quite a weekday run, Wyatt.  Friday, several parties all went down and received modest reviews.  Unfortunately, this blogger took Saturday night off so you will have to look elsewhere for wisdom.

Several months ago, the good folks at Segredo in conjunction with Madison's favorite son, DJ Wyatt Agard, had the wisdom to host LeCastleVania and while I was indeed happy to play with LCV and my pal Amos Smith, it was particularly nice to meet Ben Kimo.  He is a very talented DJ and writer, and I look forward to performing at Segredo again, hopefully in similar company.  Ben Kimo is trying to report on SXSW where I will be playing so please look at his beautiful photos and vote for him to get a Press Pass :)


Finally, I always want to leave you with some music.  This is the mix of the week in my opinion and although it happens to be moombahton today, it won't always be.  I actually listen to music about sixteen hours a day so it's not all going to be moombahton. :) This one comes from Nashville's bassline princess, Chromatiq.
In one word.....Bangarang.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shelco, Wyatt and MOAR!!!!

Tonight is another Poor Boys Rave and I made some noise about it on Monday so I won't repeat myself in this space except to say, "Go to Segredo tonight".  I want to put up some tracks from Shelco Garcia who is from Las Vegas and best known in moombahton circles, even though he makes some epic club tracks at the more usual club BPM range of 130 bpm.  If you don't what BPM is, it means he bangs it, hard electro style....good for doing thangs if you know what I mean.  So check is some Shelco Garcia tracks.  Also check out Wyatt Agard's Soundcloud for equally awesome club bangers.

Shelco Garcia "La Volador" Preview Only

and now the free downloads....
Shelco Garcia Vs BLWNSPKRS Ladys Love me Feat. Jessica Chavez

DadaLlife HappyViolence ShelcoGarcia REMIX