Sunday, July 11, 2010

we were looking for a sound

If you listen closely you can start to hear it. In the tom lines of Dutch house its coming. In the simplicity of the filter disco its getting close. Its all around. It is the backlash against huge bass and its wobbling ways.
All spring I talked to my friends at MC-Audio about how house music that sounded like house would be big this summer. Enough people could recognize the skill behind good mixing again. Not everything would have to be a 'song', a candidate for cross over success.
And so it is.
With tracks like Pleasurekraft's Tarantula hitting number one on the beatport top downloads this summer, it becomes apparent that not everything needs a wobbling bass line or an indie vocal to make it a dance floor killer. Giving DJ's their 'tools' back makes for a much more interesting set. Not just an endless drop of chorus into chorus backed with air horns and bass lines that register more in the midrange. With these tools a good DJ can take you on a journey thew high and low points; Use specific picked out vocal tracks to tell a story. In short - get back to their job.
One thing I didn't see coming was the resurgence of Acid. Simple and magical the essence of an acid line is a tone that threw a few tricks of production sounds like a melody, that melts its way up and down the chromatic scale.
It has long been a point of debate, where house music got its start. Was it the Paradise Garage in NYC, or the Warehouse in Chicago (the clear origin of the name if not the sound). But Chicago is undisputedly the home of Acid. Chicago will also be the home of Clearly Good Music's largest party yet. An official Lolla afterparty featuring Digitalism, Skyler Mendoza, Willy Joy, Midnight Conspiracy and CGM's own Just.One.Duran at Lincoln Hall on Sunday August 8th. You can get $15 presale tickets at here or get in for $18 day of.