Monday, June 21, 2010

Venue Change for Jon Margulies

Hey, just a quick update that the Jon Margulies show this friday has moved from the Inferno (old venue) to the Cardinal Bar (new venue). The cover has dropped from $5 to $3 for the of agers and now the 18+ crowd can make it for $5 a head.
Hope to see you there.

Also I entered one of my re edits (Air Breaks) in the Lolla remix thorwdown. If you have a minute, help a brother out and click the link and cast a vote for me. Also its the only place online you can check out the edit at the moment, so its like a special treat in and of it self.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dreamers of Dreams

I thought I would get another post up before hitting the road to play at Crisp in Milwaukee tomorrow night. I've never been but their site has me excited. It looks like a real cool spot for sure, and Ill be bringing some laser and fog support for added rave.

I just put all finishing touches on a show July 9th at the Inferno Nightclub. Dante's Dream has a darker feel
to it with Max Ohm and Hypnoassassin both playing the middle of the show, but I'm bringing back Jessica Fortune to close it out with her smooth funky beats to balance out the night. Many of the lucky people that caught Jessica's set at this years Red Party have been asking me when she was coming back. Finally the wait is over.

Also coming up in July, Our buddies Joint Effort, are putting together Dream World of Magic! A heavy hitting bass centric night. With tons of Dubstep, some grime, drum and bass and a few gitch hop tracks for flavor this night should be one for speaker banging. Madison has really been stepping up the out of town talent lately and this show is no exception. With The Bassist coming in
from Portland. AND two ex madisonions coming home for the weekend to play the show. Zeno will be coming in from Denver and D. Jazen (PKA Mokwa) driving up from St. Luis. A bit of local support will be provided by Cutfucker, a great DJ with dubs as hard as his name.

The power of the dub is hard to ignore on todays dancefloors. I like to keep my sets more in the house and electro tempo ranges but theres more and more good wobbly stuff in the 130 tempo range. Heres one I've really been feeling.

Also I like the new devo album

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer time and the weather is wet

Its been raining for a few days straight at this point, and there just isn't an excuse to not share a few good tunes and pimp some up coming shows. The grey skies always get me into the slow beats, and this time its the new Morcheeba album 'Blood like Lemonade' thats really been hitting home. I enjoy the title track alot, it has a real Leather and Lace feel that I like. But, the whole album is really solid.

Alright, now on to the pimping of shows. After the weekend of fun that was Moldover in early June, I just cant wait for the Jon Margulies at the Cardinal Bar on the 25th. Jon brings a breath of fun to electronic music with his Hobotech project. Fusing bluegrass and house music to make something new and exciting. If your unfamiliar with his blog I would highly recommend it. Theres free music in the form of mixes and e.p.'s and his Live 365 project, a quick and always useful tip for Ableton Live every single day!
I'm also really excited about Wildcard Wednesdays at Cardinal lately. Dub Pub has been going off since we started it (the third wednesday of the moth we get irie and rock the du
bstep), but now we have some more full production parties in the works. First up for June 30th, I have brought Slava (DJ S-Sick, of Red Light night fame) on to promote Eastern Bloc Edition. A night of Euro Dance played by an all Eastern Bloc DJ Line up. Expect lots of Ibiza anthems and sexy Russians getting there vodka on. Then on July 9th I have brought on Carl Kee to do a Techno party. Hes got Chris Rusu (madtown local who hit the top 50 on beat port with his productions) and Poor Boy Rich doing Live PA sets and Mr. Kee him self on the ones and twos. Last up I have Jason Tyler (Chi) coming up for his Dance Party OMG tour on July 28th. This one is a bit of an experiment as I had to add a $3 cover, but I hope it doesn't scare people away. This kid is a wizard on the decks
and really adds something to it with his live trumpet playing. H
e was all over hypem earlier this year with EZ2Luv

Dance Party OMG Tour from Jason Tyler on Vimeo.

Last but not least I'm pumped to be playing Bar 415 in Omaha, NE on August 14. A big thanks is owed to Ultimate Downhill Machines for the gig. They really blew it up in Madison last month and have ret
urned the gig favor. Always nice to get an out of town gig, the Omaha kids are up for a real treat, I've been rocking a lot of my own edits lately and Im going to try and have a whole set of them for the kids in Nebraska.