Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Sunday has and always will be a good day for tunes. Fresh off a weekend of shows, clubs and friends , good music always seems to surface on these days that start well past noon.
First up is a great jam from Pilooski - AAA. Deep and chuggy this is a fantastic edit of Nora Dean's 'Angie La La'. At almost nine and a half minutes of play time, there is a lot of room to get boring but this song stays fresh and all the way threw. A real masterpiece with a good old school vibe.


I came across Rollerskate while I was going threw some of Matias Aguayo's stuff getting ready for the show (March 10th Madison, WI). Off his new album Ay Ay Ay, its a sort of indie dance meets minimal sort of thing, its shaker starts as an afterthought and becomes an infectious staple by the end of this gem.

That got me on a Disco tip, but I needed something a little more banging to get in the mood for some of lifes little chores. The Glamour's first major label release was no disappointment. Always good to see some Wisco talent get international play! For my mood the original of Love Burn was hitting me right today, but the whole e.p. has real dance floor potential.