Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trashing my day

Welcome to the Clearly Good Music blog. A spot we will use to cover music and shows that will make you want to disco. Its a good feeling to finally get a bit more web presence, but after sitting down and setting it up with bhip, I realize this should have been done long ago. Thanks for waiting, and now, content.
When Clearly Good Music was Just Christian Rokk and myself, we had an ambitious launch party week. First we held an indie dance show at the Majestic theater in Madison with Comasoft and French Horn Rebellion (FHR). While throwing a party the day after the Obama win affected attendance (more than a little) both bands still rocked out. While picking favorites is always a bitch, I came away from the show really impressed with FHR, two brothers with some synths, a laptop and a french horn, they really blew me away.
Then that Saturday we had John Bourke of Trash Yourself up for our signature party iDance at the Cardinal bar. Blending italo disco inspired indie dance songs with hard electro bangers John was a pleasure to watch and a master of the dance floor. On a personal note it was the first time I had seen tractor set up and used (I'm a Serato kid), and man was he working it. You could feel the prep time coming out during his set. I always love to see a real professional at work, and John more than fit the bill.

So how happy was I when John sent Chris his remix the FHR song 'Up All Night'. With the falsetto vocal, it has sort of a Prince feel about it, but then that pumping side chained bass comes in and I cant help but move a little, and the feeling is contagious. This is one of those songs that just seems to work at every gig. People love moving to it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
cardinal bar
Majestic Madison

French Horn Rebellion - Up All Night (John Bourke's Trash Yourself Remix)
(Download Link)

Trash Yourself - Touch (AC Slater Remix)
(Download Link)