Friday, May 15, 2009

The road out of Rio

Graduation weekend in a big ten town. Hotels have been booked full for months. You cant find a dinner reservation within 5 miles of campus. Half the cars on the road have no idea where they are going or they look for land marks that were torn down in the mid 90's.
Despite a late night in Chicago with Zebo and Pr3 Frosh at Booty up, followed by an early bus ride back to Madison, It was time for a day trip. I called my guy and we hit the road.
As it happened the rhythm of the day dictated few words and loud music. We drove north and east for a good while. Taking pains to ignore a few towns that had memories nether of us wanted to remember.
To really enjoy a day of wisco driving I had loaded the player up with as much local music as I could find. As I listened to songs that made me hear the voices of my friends I smiled.
So here are a few songs from (the on and off madison son) Tom Feiza, aka DJ Homewrecker AKA Digivitis. Here is his myspace page. You can learn all about hime there.
I hope his songs make you smile too.

Digivitis - Force Fit (Download link)

Primus - Tommy the Cat (Feiza Remix) (Download Link)

We are Siamese - Digivitis (Download Link)